How to pair the idChamp RS4 with SerialMagic Professional for Windows 10

This support article demonstrates how to pair the idChamp RS4 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) RFID Reader with Windows 10 and SerialMagic Professional.  Note that this feature is ONLY available for Windows 10 build 14328 and later. Pairing your idChamp RS4 with Windows 10 is a two-step process. First, we will pair the RS4 directly through Windows Bluetooth settings. After the connection to Windows 10 is established, we will connect to SerialMagic Professional. We will then test the configuration to make sure everything is working properly. You will need the following for this

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idChamp RS4 setup simultaneous card types: 37-bit & 40-bit Prox, iClass CSN

This article demonstrates how to use the Serial Device Manager to quickly enable multiple card types simultaneously from your Android phone or tablet. 1. Launch iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, or SerialMagic Gears. 2. Navigate to the Serial Device Manager (SDM). 3. Power on your RS4 and add it As a connection to the SDM. 4. Once the RS4 is connected, tap on the gear icon (located to the far-right of the Bluetooth name). 5. Tap on RS4 CSN/PACS Credential Type. 6. Select HID 37-bit/40-bit/iClass CSN.

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How to Set Up the idChamp RS3 (HSE or LE), NF2 (BLE version), or RS4 with iScanBrowser for iOS in BLE Mode

Follow the steps below to set up your idChamp RS3-HSE, RS3-LE, NF2-BLE, or RS4 with iScanBrowser for iOS. 1. Set the idChamp RS3 DIP switches to BLE mode. 2. Power on your RS3. 3. Launch iScanBrowser. 4. Navigate to the Device Manager.  5. Tap on your RS3’s Bluetooth name when it appears beneath “Bluetooth LE Devices“ 6. Navigate to your web app within iScanBrowser. 7. Navigate to iScanBrowser’s Settings by tapping on the settings gear. 8. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and tap on “Edit WebForm Rules“ 9.

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How to Write NDEF Data to NFC Tags with the idChamp RS4 and iScanBrowser for iOS

This article demonstrates how to use the idChamp RS4 and iScanBrowser for iOS to write NDEF data to NFC tags. In the first section of this guide, we’ll learn how to write an NDEF record to a tag. In the second section, we’ll test the tag by reading the NDEF data. You will need: an idChamp RS4 RFID reader an NFC tag to write to an iPhone or iPad Before you get started, you’ll want to download iScanBrowser from the AppStore, power on your idChamp RS4, and launch iScanBrowser once it

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