Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Apps

Elegant Workforce and Database Solutions

Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions are the perfect blend of cloud-based software, scanning hardware, and native mobile apps. We can help your organization automate workflows, simplify data capture, and improve visibility.

Our Solutions Team will work with you to design and deploy a workforce solution that meets the demands unique to your organization. For a free consultation and demo, contact Serialio today!

Tailored Mobile Solutions To Improve Your Business Workflow.

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Mobile Access Control

"Mobile Access Control” uses a smartphone or tablet to identify a person with RFID or BLE credentials. Mobile access control apps integrate with existing access control software and badges including HID PROX, Lenel, Softwarehouse, and more

HR and Training Solutions

Recording attendance via pen and paper is error-prone and time-consuming. Our mobile solutions make it easy to manage your meetings, trainings, classes, and more. Simple integration with LMS systems, Active Directory, and others.

Mobile Asset Management

A mobile database solution that works--with or without internet. Perfect for inventory counting, order delivery, inspections, and more. Customized reports delivered in seconds!

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