yACK FAST App iOS & Android

yACK FAST is Serialio’s tool for communicating with and configuring wireless devices. The idChamp RFID Readers, Scanfob PX20, Scanfob 2006, Scanfob Ultra-RE40e UHF wireless companion scanner for iOS, Android, Windows & MacOS, and the BlueSnap on iOS and Android. Download yACK FAST.


The WiSnap WiFi dongle can be used to Wi-Fi enable most legacy RS-232 devices. The WiSnap is a WiFi certified 802.11 b/g solution incorporating a serial adapter, 2.4GHz radio, processor, Full TCP/IP stack, real-time clock, FTP, DHCP, DNS and web server. To learn more, visit the WiSnap product page or download the spec sheet.


WiFi (or “Wi-Fi”) is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance for a radio technology for wireless communication between devices based on the IEEE 802.11 standard.


Real-time cabled mode (or USB mode) is used when the user wants to output the scanned data to their computer real-time or immediately after the scanner reads the data.


The Ultra-PD1 (or IceKey UHF) is an RFID reader that is used to perform read/write operations on the major RFID UHF standard tags. The easy installation, the practical on-board man-machine interface with three colored LEDs, a multitone beeper and, last but not least, a presence detector characterize this product. IceKey has an integrated antenna with a reading capacity of 120 cm (depending on the tag used) but can also support an external antenna thus reaching higher reading distances. An external antenna with magnetic coupling can be used for near-field UHF tag reading. To

Terminal Application

A terminal application, or terminal emulator, is a program that allows its user to access command-line interfaces and text user interfaces for the machine the program is running on or a remote machine via protocols such as telnet or ssh. When one of our support articles references a terminal, we are typically referring to serial terminal emulators that allow access to COM ports on the user’s current machine (for configuring devices such as the BlueSnap RS-232 to Bluetooth adapter). For convenience, here we’ve listed a few terminal applications for each of the most

SerialMagic Professional – SMP

SMP, short for SerialMagic Professional, is a powerful tool for OS X and Microsoft Windows for connecting to, configuring, and collecting data from RFID readers (idChamp RS3/RS4/1128, Scanfob BB2, etc.), barcode scanners (Scanfob 2006/PX20/3002i/4000, etc.), adaptors (BlueSnap M6A-Smart, BlueSnap Standard, and WiSnap), sensors, scales, calipers, and more. To download SerialMagic Professional, click here.


SMK, short for SerialMagic Keys, is a keyboard for iOS (as an independent app) and Android (as part of SerialMagic Gears) that allows its user to send data from RFID and barcode readers as text to any application that accepts text-input. You can download SerialMagic Keys for iOS from the App Store. To use SerialMagic Keys on Android, download SerialMagic Gears, then enable SerialMagic Keys.

SerialMagic Gears – SMG

SMG, short for SerialMagic Gears, uses the SDM to provide a simple yet powerful way to connect to, configure, and capture data from Bluetooth RFID readers, barcode scanners, and other wireless devices on Android. When used with SerialMagic Keys, SerialMagic Gears allows you to send RFID and barcode data (from the connected scanners/devices) as text to any application that accepts text-input. To download SerialMagic Gears visit the Google Play Store or download a non-market release. 


SerialPort is the world’s first, and still foremost Java product for serial ports. SerialPort provides highly flexible control of serial ports from your Java application. SerialPort is a high-performance class that also provides low-level serial port control. If your device plugs into a serial port—on or off the Internet—it is almost certain that you can use SerialPort to communicate with it. SerialPort is visionary, shipping over a full year before Sun Microsystems announced the first beta of javax.comm.SerialPort. The SerialPort package also provides javax.comm.SerialPort on more platforms than any company