Load MOB-ICE Key On RS4x

Load MOB-ICE Key On idChamp® RS4x

You load MOB-ICE key on idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Badge Reader in order to read secure and restricted badge types. For example the idChamp® RS4x offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet. To read these credentials from the Apple Wallet the proper Mobile Key Card must be used to load the key to the RS4x. You read ELITE key badges, only after the proper ICE key is loaded to the RS4x.

Steps To Load MOB-ICE Key On idChamp® RS4x

First, power off the RS4x reader. When RS4x is on, hold down the button the wireless connect LED will start to blink.  Second, continue to hold the button until the LED stops blinking, then release, this takes less than 3 seconds. Third, place the key card on the RS4x so the read engine LED is visible (see arrow in picture below)

Load MOB-ICE Key On idChamp RS4x

Forth, power on the RS4x and the read engine LED will blink for several seconds. Finally, wait 5 seconds after the blinking stops, and then the key will be loaded.

idChamp® RS4x Reads Physical Badges And Smart Phone Wallet Credentials

Now that you have loaded the proper ELITE (ICE) key the RS4x reads the ELITE badges and post the values. When you load the proper Mobile Key Card (MOB) to the RS4x, you get reads for corporate or student ID values from Apple Wallet. Using the idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader people check-in using their iPhone, or Apple Watch as shown here.