SerialMagic Keys Windows Connects Wirelessly

Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows To NF4x RFID-NFC Reader

SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows UWP Post Scans As Keystrokes

SerialMagic has been enabling data to be posted to all applications since the year 2000 (12 years before the Microsoft Store existed!). Now SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows Connects idChamp® NF4x RFID-NFC Reader-Writer wirelessly to Windows 11, 10*. Once connected, you post RFID-NFC readings as keystrokes to all apps that take keystrokes, no programming needed.

*Windows 10 must be  version 1809 or later.

Install SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows

Get SerialMagic Keys Professional from the Microsoft store. After installe, launch SerialMagic Keys, when your Windows is older than Windows 11 22H, you will be prompted to install the SerialMagic Keys Professional driver
SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows Connect NF4x RFID NFC Reader

Select The Device SerialMagic Keys Will Connect To

Use “Select Device” from menu and select the idChamp NF4x RFID-NFC Reader to wirelessly connect with.

SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows Select Device idChamp NF4x RFID-NFC Reader

idChamp® NF4x Pairs With Windows

Before SerialMagic Keys connects NF4x it must pair, SerialMagic Keys Professional handles this process. You will be prompted for pairing as shown below, and you select Allow.

 idChamp wireless pair NF4x

Windows will then show connected – which really means paired.

Wireless RFID-NFC reader Pair Success

Wirelessly Connect idChamp® NF4x

Finally, you select Connect on SerialMagic Keys, and idChamp® NF4x RFID-NFC reader is wirelessly connected to Windows.

idChamp NF4x RFID Wirelessly Connected Windows SerialMagic Keys