Emergency Preparedness Check-in Mobile Solution

Emergency Planner App Emergency Preparedness Check-in

As an Emergency Planner, here you find the Emergency Preparedness Check-in solution with unmatched mobility. Cloud-In-Hand Time & Attendance performs Emergency Headcount during your emergency without fixed muster points (aka rally points). 

Your flexible emergency check-ins can be any one, or all, of the following:

  • Employee/Student RFID Badge
  • Barcode Scanner
  • iPhone or Android (Requires credentials stored in Apple/Google Wallet)
  • App on iPhone or Android
  • Manual check-in by department/floor manager

Emergency Headcount Mustering Rally-point most flexible check-in solution

Emergency Planner Bulletin - Inform People Of Emergency Information

Importance Of Emergency Planner Bulletins can’t be overstated. The people in your organization count on your up-to-date emergency information based on current weather and events.  Here you see an example  of an actual Emergency Planner Bulletin.

Message from Emergency Preparedness
By Emergency Preparedness Officer Sharyn B.

Last weekend, Pueblo County experienced two fires simultaneously-the Vision Hills Fire and the EVRAZ Fire. The National Weather Service Fire Prediction office indicates Pueblo County will experience Significant Wildland Fire Potential, lasting through April.
Bora winds, the high winds experienced this past weekend, have relative low humidity. But, any fire ignited has the potential to spread quickly. The Vision Hills Fire grew to over 100 acres and 25 homes were evacuated. Multiple Fire Departments assisted with helping contain the EVRAZ Fire, which lasted two days.
Being prepared for a fire emergency might involve evacuating a building, specific area of a building or site or the entire building or site. In the event of a fire emergency. follow the directions below along with any direction coming from building authorities.
If you see or smell smoke:

  • Activate a fire alarm if the fire is in your building.
  • Call Security at XXXX.
  • If the fire is small and you are trained to do so, use a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. If the fire is large or has heavy smoke, get out of the building immediately and go to the nearest assigned and safe muster point.
  • If able to do so safely, secure workstations and retrieve car keys. If the order to evacuate is given and you are unable to retrieve keys, carpool with a coworker to the designated evacuation point.
  • Following direction from building authorities, quickly but safely evacuate the building and proceed to assigned muster points or to vehicles. Fire wardens will account for personnel at the muster points.
  • Listen to and follow the directions from your fire wardens. Stay with them until the situation is resolved and the officer in charge announces it is safe to return to your work area or gives additional instructions.
  • NEVER re-enter a burning building.
  • Advise fire wardens of anything that may prevent quick evacuation. They will assign personnel to assist in an emergency.

Emergency Planner's Emergency Preparedness Check-in Solution

As an Emergency Planner, you know choosing an Emergency Headcount solution, requires many considerations. First you consider how many people in your organization need to be accounted for. Next you need to know what the limitations are for your organization, for example:

  • Number of people needed to be accounted for
  • People have RFID, or barcode badges
  • Organization has mobile badge readers, e.g. idChamp NF4x
  • People have phones with SMS check-in capability
  • People are willing to register SMS number for emergency notification
  • People have smartphone with check-in app
  • Department / Floor managers are responsible for checking people in
  • Need to account for visitors
  • Number of buildings to account for people in
  • The size of the area people need to be accounted for. For example many buildings or areas people work in and how vast is the area
  • Stand-Alone or integrated with Access Control System (ACS). 

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