SentryCard badge with biometric finger print reader stop buddy punching

Stop Buddy Punching Forever

What is Buddy Punching

Commonly a friend or colleagues asks someone for a seemingly an innocent favor. Your employee may ask a teammate, ‘please scan me in today, I’m running late’. This is buddy scanning aka buddy punching aka buddy check-in. You find this term from when time clocks were used for all check-ins. Here you will see how to stop buddy punching forever. 

Also it’s important to note the American Payroll Assoc. (APA) reports buddy scanning affects 75% of U.S. businesses. Buddy scanning reduces your team productivity and can destroy team morale. 

Buddy Scanning Security Risk

Often buddy scanning may seem innocent. You might hear someone say ‘Can I use your card for a minute to get in the room? I left my card over in…’. Maybe the intention is innocent, but your security is immediately compromised.

Also note for sensitive locations, this can violate company security policy, and put the company  and the individual at risk. Finally you can obviously note, the person may not be qualified to be in the location they use someone else’s card to access. 

Quickly Stop Buddy Punching Forever

Stopping buddy scanning / buddy check-in may seem like a daunting task. First you can implement one very straight-forward solution that uses all the current RFID-NFC hardware of your building.

Next, mobilize your solutions when you get the idChamp RS4x RFID-NFC smart card badge reader, and use SentryCards.

SentryCard Badge Built-In Fingerprint Reader

 SentryCard uses a capacitive fingerprint biometric sensor produced by Fingerprint Cards, a Swedish manufacture with over a billion+ sensors successfully deployed. 

First, your company user’s fingerprints are enrolled directly on the SentryCard. Next, you never need a pass-thru or storage on a database of server. This is critical in your on-going compliance. Finally, you meet many requirements like GDPR (General Data Protection Rights), CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) and you will see a growing number of BIPAs (Biometric Information Protection Acts) in the future.

idChamp® NF4x Mobile Smart Card Badge Reader

First, idChamp NF4x is a mobile smart card badge reader that can operate anywhere with an host device. Secondly, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS are supported. Thirdly, you use NF4x with Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io Time and Attendance application, or a 3rd party application. Finally, you get flexibility unmatched by any other card reader. Note: You can also get the RS4x model for check-in with Apple Watch and Apple iPhone. The RS4x model is also available with the SentryBadge option.