WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More

WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More First you have a scale or other device with an RS232 port, or built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Second, you need to connect the scale to WiFi. Third, you have one or more clients to get data from the device, simultaneously if needed. Finally you use SDM TCIP-IP Device Server to WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More. You don’t see your device? Contact to get support. TCP-IP Connect Your Devices From Anywhere With SDM Server First install Serialio Sdm Server app on your

macOS NFC Browser | Posts NFC & NDEF On Webpages

macOS NFC Browser Easily Posts NFC Records To Webpages First you need an easy way to post NDEF records from NFC tags to web pages in the browser. Secondly, it’s easy for users so they don’t need to tap in fields to get focus before NFC reads. Third, you need to post multiple NDEF records on the web page with a single NFC tag read. Use the macOS NFC Browser – iScanBrowser iOS runs on macOS with Apple M1 silicon and later. Install iScanBrowser From Apple App Store To get

Use Your iPhone As Employee Badge

iPhone As Employee Badge – iPhone Is Your Access Badge Using your iPhone as employee badge is easy. Your iPhone securely contains your employee credential in the iPhone Apple Wallet. You check-in for meetings, trainings, emergency headcount, and open doors. You forgot your employee badge – no problem – your iPhone is your employee or student access badge. Your idChamp® RS4x offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet. idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader First setup the idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential

iPhone Write & Post NDEF Data On Any Page

iPhone Write & Post NDEF Records On Any Webpage iPhone Write & Post NDEF. First, you use iScanBrowser iOS to write NDEF records using the iPhone built-in NFC. Second, you decide to enter the NDEF data to write, using iScanBrowser, or a webpage. Third, tap write option on iScanBrowser app, or use submit button on your webpage to initiate the NDEF data write. Finally, you use iScanBrowser Web Form Rules (WFR) technology to post NDEF records to any fields on any webpage. Decide How NDEF Data Will Be Entered To

iPhone Built-in RFID Posts MQTT

iPhone Built-in RFID Posts MQTT To Any Broker You use the iPhone Built-in RFID Posts MQTT messages using the NFC Read Write app. Place RFID tag near iPhone built-in RFID-NFC reader and the tag CSN value is published to the specified MQTT Broker. When you use tag with NDEF data present, this is also included in the MQTT message. Using your iPhone with NFC Read Write app as your MQTT Publisher, your MQTT broker gets RFID-NFC data message in JSON format.  What Is MQTT And Why Use It Firstly, use

Emergency Headcount By Department

Emergency Headcount By Department Do emergency headcount by department with cloud-in-hand stratus-io time & attendance. Your emergency environment is hectic. As you save time checking people in, you insure people who need help get it fast. First, you may have check-in points where people are checked in via RFID badges*, this is fast and effective. Next your company managers verify the people they are responsible have been checked-in. Finally, managers filter the roster view and quickly see only their people, they also have the option to manually check-in people. *See

Emergency Headcount SMS/TEXT

Emergency Headcount SMS/TEXT Speeds Mustering Use SMS emergency headcount via SMS/TEXT to speed emergency mustering. First, people use the standard TEXT feature on their phone, no app to load on peoples phones for this SMS check-in. Second, you increase efficiency and speed your emergency headcount events and drills. Next, you are freed from fixed Rally-Points, people check-in safe from anywhere. Finally, you are fully prepared to keep your people safe from fire, tornado, earthquake, chemical leak, flood, active shooter, and more. Additionally, people see details for the emergency event in

Medical Device Consignment Orders On iPad

Write Medical Device Consignment Orders On iOS Make medical device consignment orders on your iPad with the Medinven app. Add items to your consignment orders as fast as you can point the Scanfob® brand scanner and press the scan button. Your Scanfob® wireless HIBC scanner makes adding items super fast and convenient. You also add items manually to consignment orders when you prefer, or your scanner is unavailable. When you find it more convenient to write to consignment orders on your iPhone, Medinven has you covered. Medinven iPad Consignment Options

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety For After School Activities The safety of children when leaving school and after school activities is crucial. Parent-Child Check-Out Safety records the parent or trusted guardian the child is released to. Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance provides reporting for all the minor children and who checks them out from the facility. You improve safety of your activities and have records for compliance needs. Outside School and After School Activities Check-In​ You check-in children fast to your after school and outside school activities using RFID-NFC badges, and or barcodes. Children

Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO

Use Your Azure SSO Account For Cloud-In-Hand Login Use stratus-io Time and Attendance, and other Cloud-In-Hand® brand solutions, with SSO (Single Sign On). Here you will setup for Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO. Users login to different apps and resources using a single set of credentials with SSO. This is easier for you the user, and more secure for your business. Setup Your Azure AD For Cloud-In-Hand Solution Account Login First you setup your Cloud-In-Hand (CIH) account with Azure AD. Then you will use Azure SSO to login to CIH. Login

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