Load Soft Credential Key On RS4x

Load Soft Credential Key On idChamp® RS4x

First you load soft credential key on your idChamp® RS4x to enable reading mobile credentials stored in the phone. Then  use the mobile credentials via HID Mobile Access, or credential stored in Apple Wallet for meeting or attendance check-in.

See this post if you just need to load MOB or ICE key on the idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader.


First download the HID OMNIKEY USB CDC EEM Driver. Next, install the EEM Driver on a PC that allows access to USB ports. 

Installing USB CDC EEM Driver Load Soft Credential Key

Remove idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader From Case

Before doing this, you must get authorization from Without authorization, you may void the warranty. 

You see here the most popular version of idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader, the standard case. First remove the lid screws. Second position the RS4x in your hand with the button toward you. 

idChamp RS4x Standard Case Lid Removed

Third, position your other hand to catch the RS4x engine, then gently shake the unit to release the engine as shown here.

idChamp RS4x Standard Case Remove Engine From Case

Forth, you detach the UART cable from the idChamp RS4x engine.

idChamp RS4x Standard Case Detach UART Cable

Finally, connect the USB cable that’s connected to the PC that has the OMNIKEY USB CDC EEM Driver installed.

idChamp RS4x Standard Case Plug USB Cable Load Soft Credential Key

Enable Load Soft Credential Key

Before you can load the soft credential key using the key card, the RS4x must be enabled to load keys. First open the browser on the PC with CDC EEM Driver, enter in the browser address bar. See the OMNIKEY 5×27 CK Reader Management displayed in the browser. Note: when a password is set on the configuration, you will enter this password to display the settings.

HID OMNIKEY 5x27 CK Reader Manager General Overview

Next, select Contactless Config, and verify the Config cards setting is enabled.

HID OMNIKEY 5x27 CK Reader Manager Config cards disabled Load Soft Credential Key

When you see that Config cards is disabled like above,. First, click the box to enable it. Second, select System Config tab, then select Apply Changes. Third, remove the USB cable from the RS4x engine. Forth, attach the UART cable.

Load Soft Credential Key From The Mobile Key Card

Now you are ready to load the soft credential key from the Mobile Key Card. First, position the Mobile Key Card on the idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader engine as shown below. Second, you leave the LED visible.

idChamp RS4x Engine Mobile Key Card Ready to Load Soft Credential Key

Third, power on the RS4x and the LED will blink red and green repeatedly for several seconds. Fourth, when the LED blinking stops, wait 5 seconds and the load soft credential key is complete. When RS4x has beeper option you hear 3 beeps, then the key is loaded. Fifth, test the setting with a valid iPhone and Apple Watch credential. Finally, you may want to disable the Config cards setting to prevent loading of other mobile key cards. Now, you return the RS4x engine to it’s case, and secure the lid.

The idChamp RS4x Wireless Mobile RFID Reader supports HID mobile credentials, including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet. Contact Serialio today to get started with this unique product.