About Serialio

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Provide innovative & optimized mobile solutions backed by a passionate desire for customer success. We focus on wireless mobile solutions involving RFID-NFC, barcodes, and mobile data collection and validation - designed from the ground up to work even when the network is unreliable or unavailable. We empower your mobile workforce to achieve success easier and faster.

Our History

Started in a garage in Santa Barbara, CA in 1992, our solutions are used on every continent. We were the first in the world to wirelessly connect barcode and NFC scanners to PDAs and mobile phones like the Sharp Zarus (2000), Palm Treo (2004), Blackberry (2006). Thirst for innovation has guided us throughout our history and we were first to market with commercial wireless and Bluetooth solutions for NFC and barcode scanning on every major platform including Linux, PalmOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and Windows.

Relocated to Central Texas in 2013, we continue expanding our enterprise solution offerings and look forward to helping you meet the technology challenges that lay ahead.

Our Expertise

Over 30 years we have delivered tens of thousands of successful solutions across the globe and in every industry including Medical, Security, Transportation, Service, Sales, Education, Hospitality, Entertainment, Food, Supplies, Warehouse, Personal, and Government.

Our solutions are designed for NFC/RFID/Barcode/Sensors from the ground up. We deliver easy-to-use, reliable, mobile solutions that work with and without network connectivity. Our Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Solution Framework provides unmatched power and flexibility providing a tailored solution for optimized value.

Why waste hours trying to build 'forms' or change your work process to fit an 'off-the-shelf' web application? Our solutions managers will work with you to lay out your workflow, identify pain points, and build a solution designed around your requirements. Often, we help clients solve problems that they weren't even aware they had.

And whether your business changes or technology does, we are ready to help you succeed. Our knowledge of wireless communication can help you connect legacy devices to modern equipment, for a maximum ROI.

Why Do Business with

You recognize the power of mobile enterprise applications.

You want a solution partner, not just a service provider.

You want outstanding customer service and support from a dedicated team

You want to work with a leader in the field that delivers proven results.