Laser Area Realtor’s Dream

Laser Area Realtor’s Dream To Post Meters & Feet You use a laser measuring tool to accurately measure areas using the You want to post these measurements to any app on your iPhone or iPad. Area measurements are commonly required in both meters and feet, but laser measurers limit what you can post. SerialMagic Keys on iOS provides the exact solution you need. In SerialMagic Keys you specify the exact format you want posted to any application. You can also include date & time. This is your laser area Realtor’s

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iPhone Post RFID As Keystrokes

Post RFID Reads As Keystrokes With Wireless RFID Reader You have been able to post RFID readings as keystrokes using SerialMagic for years. First you connect a Scanfob or idChamp brand RFID reader using SerialMagic. Next you make SerialMagic Keys the active keyboard, then scan. Finally you would see data ‘typed’ to the cursor location of any application that accepted keyed input. On Android, SerialMagic was the first application you could use support doing the same with the built-in NFC reader on Android. However, HOW can you do this using the

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BOSCH Laser Measurements iOS

Post laser measurements on iOS using Bosch GLM & Blaze models. Measurements are posted to any iOS app as if data was typed, so use with all iOS apps that take keyed input. Your measurements will be 100% accurate when put into your app since user errors are eliminated. 100% Accurate Measurement Input You no longer need to worry about you, or your personnel typing the wrong information into your app. SerialMagic Keys provides 100% accurate keyed input, the laser measurements on iOS come directly from BOSCH device to iPad or iPhone. Supported

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How to set a suffix for SerialMagic Keys for iOS

This article demonstrates how to change the suffix character that SerialMagic Keys append to each scan. 1. Launch the SerialMagic Keys application.  2. Scroll down to “Keyboard Settings.” 3. Tap on “Append to scan.” SerialMagic Keys provides you with five common suffix characters; Return, Tab, Space, Comma, and “None.” (Yes, we know “None” isn’t a character in the traditional sense.) 4. Select the character you want to use as the suffix. You’ll see that character to the right of “Append to scan.” 5. To disable the suffix, select “None.

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How to Upload a Log for SerialMagic Keys for iOS

This support article demonstrates how to quickly switch between the SerialMagic Keys keyboard and the default iOS keyboard. Switch from SerialMagic Keys to the iOS Keyboard To switch from the SerialMagic Keys keyboard to the built-in iOS keyboard, follow the instructions below. 1. Pull up the keyboard by placing the cursor focus in any text-input field. 2. Tap on the globe icon that is located at the bottom left-hand corner of the keyboard. You can reveal more options by holding your finger on the globe for slightly longer than a

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How to toggle SerialMagic Keys sounds

This article demonstrates how to toggle SerialMagic Keys’ “Keys Sound” on iOS. The Keys Sound option toggles the auditory key-press feedback. 1. Launch the SerialMagic Keys application. 2. Scroll down to the “Keyboard Settings” section. 3. Tap on the slider to the far-right of “Keys Sounds.” The slider will turn green to indicate that the Keys Sound is enabled. To disable the sound, simply tap on the slider again (it will turn grey to indicate that it is disabled).

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