How to setup Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid on the idChamp A9-UHF

This knowledgebase article is for customers using the idChamp A9 UHF scanner with Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid. The latest releases of Mobile Grid for Android include a feature for the idChamp A9 that allows customers to “wake” the A9 with the physical trigger pull. In order to use this feature (and as a best practice), we advise that customers first disable the idChamp A9’s built-in Scan Tool’s “Booted start” feature. To do this, follow the below instructions. 1. Launch the Scan Tool app. 2. Tap on “Settings.” 3. Turn off “Booted start.”

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How to side load iOS apps via .ipa file

NOTE: You can sideload an app from any computer and not lose existing data (e.g. does not need to be performed on the computer your iOS device is synced with) 1. Open iTunes 2. Connect iOS device to computer and view inside iTunes by clicking on the name of the iOS device in the upper right-hand corner. 3. Click on the Apps tab. 4. In Windows Explorer, open the folder containing the .ipa file and double-click the file. 5. In iTunes, the app name will appear in the list. 6. Click the “Install” button. It

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How to pair with an LLRP scanner via the SDM on Android (Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid)

This app note walks you through the process of pairing an LLRP based scanner to the Serial Device Manager (SDM) on Android. The SDM is a core component of Serialio’s Android applications, including SerialMagic Gears, iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, and Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance. For the purposes of this note, we’ve used Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, but this feature is available on all Serialio Android applications that have the SDM. 1. Launch Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid. 2. Navigate to the SDM by tapping on the SDM icon. 3. Once on the SDM view, tap

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Delivery Mobile Grid Action Profile – Becker Delivery

Section 1 – Account Creation and Configuration Create Cloud-In-Hand accounts for your account administrator and any user that will be using Mobile Grid. Contact Serialio to ensure that the correct configuration has been set. Log in to with the administrator account you created. Click on the “databases” section to the left. From here you will be able to upload your database files. In this example, we will upload one master file and one example order file. Click “Browse” to locate the file on your computer. When the file is

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How to Write NDEF Data to NFC Tags with the idChamp RS4 and iScanBrowser for iOS

This article demonstrates how to use the idChamp RS4 and iScanBrowser for iOS to write NDEF data to NFC tags. In the first section of this guide, we’ll learn how to write an NDEF record to a tag. In the second section, we’ll test the tag by reading the NDEF data. You will need: an idChamp RS4 RFID reader an NFC tag to write to an iPhone or iPad Before you get started, you’ll want to download iScanBrowser from the AppStore, power on your idChamp RS4, and launch iScanBrowser once it

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Remote Support Instructions

Sent here to download our remote support client? Click on the “Download Splashtop SOS” button to download Splashtop SOS for your current operating systems. Download Serialio Ltd. SOS (powered by Splashtop) Important — Downloading Splashtop SOS alone is not enough to receive remote assistance. You must contact Serialio and explain the problem you are experiencing first. If you have not already done so, submit a ticket to our help desk. Also, note that the Splashtop SOS for iOS is limited to viewing only and Android devices require a few extra steps to allow remote

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6 Things That Can Affect An RFID System’s Performance

Performance is important when it comes to implementing and maintaining an RFID system. Here are six common factors that can negatively impact an RFID system’s performance. Interference Interference from other radio-frequency (RF) emitting devices (RFI), such as other RFID readers and Wi-Fi access points, can negatively impact RFID system performance. Power Supply As with any system dependant on electronic components, RFID systems are subject to the risks of a “dirty” power supply. Such power supplies can elicit strange behavior from electronic devices (such as RFID readers) that draw power from

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