Add or Update RFID-NFC Employee ID Cards Using Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid for iOS

In this article, we’ll highlight one of the many ways you can use Cloud-In-Hand® solutions to help manage your mobile workforce. We’ll demonstrate an easy way to manage (adding/updating data) your employee IDs or access cards using an iOS device — like an iPad or iPhone — and an idChamp RS3. This solution involves the increasingly popular technology of RFID access cards, such as HID Prox, iClass, and AWID. These access cards have a diverse range of applications, such as opening doors, unlocking computers, and time clocking (attendance). Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Attendance and the idChamp RS3, used together, allow you to use these access cards on any mobile device to take attendance, certify training, or to verify access/identity.

Adding & Updating Employee Data

Your attendee databases may not always be exactly up-to-date. For example, when new employees are hired or when existing employees need a replacement ID card. However, Cloud-In-Hand® makes it easy to add or update employee data on the go, right from your mobile device. The process to do this is simple and straightforward. 

Scanning A Valid ID

When you scan a valid employee ID card, you’ll see a green MATCH window displaying the information/data associated with that access card.

Scanning A New/Unregistered ID

When you scan a new employee’s access card or a card that is not registered with your databases, you’ll see a red NO MATCH window displaying the card’s information. To add the card to your database, tap on the Add button on the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

From there, you’ll have the option to update an existing employee or to add an entirely new employee. You also have the opportunity to update or fill-in all the employee’s information that is tied to the access card.

To sync the new information with your main database, tap on the Upload button. The next time the new card is scanned, it will display the information you entered when registering the card.

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