How to Edit Cloud-In-Hand Roster Items Hosted on SQLite Database

Cloud-In-Hand® now allows you to edit your databases from! Follow the instructions below to learn how.

Note: You must have the “EditSQLiteDatabase” custom feature assigned to your Cloud-In-Hand® account. If you’re interested in this feature, contact

Log In

1. Log into Cloud-In-Hand® admin account.

2. Click on Edit Entries.

Edit Entries

1. Click on an entry field to edit it. For this example, we will edit the First_Name column for John.

2. Click outside of the field that you edited and you’ll see that the entry is updated to the new value. In this case, John is now John A.

Delete Entries

To delete a database entry (row), click on the trash can icon located in the far-right column.

Add Entries

1. Click on the button (located at the very bottom of the table) labeled Add new row.

2. Next, fill out the column values. This will vary depending on your database. Once all the desired values are filled out, click Save.

3. The new entry will be appended to the database.