Emergency Headcount Software 1-Million-Square-Foot

The Toshiba Team spent months searching for the best electronic emergency headcount software for our large facilities. Toshiba needed emergency mustering Roll Call ensuring employees, visitors, and contractors are all safe and accounted for during an Emergency. Serialio was one of many companies we reached out to, and we’re so thankful we did! The Cloud-In-Hand Emergency Headcount technology is user-friendly and makes it extremely easy to keep track of rosters see historical and real-time data, and keep the large facility safe. This end-to-end solution makes it so easy to connect wireless scanner hardware for barcode and RFID to the emergency event check-in app. Reporting and headcount history facilitates compliance with safety mandates. We have found the solution very efficient during drills and emergencies, and the support we receive by their outstanding support team is unmatched! Contact Serialio today and ask about the large facility emergency headcount software.

Emergency Headcount Large Facility 1 million square feet