Support Now Added for AllFlex RS420 Wand brings the power of Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid to the AllFlex RS420 Series Stick Reader’s Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid iOS version 1.3.41 is now supporting the AllFlex RS420 Series stick reader. This reader paired with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid iOS app, provides a customizable, user friendly solution for integration with livestock manaement systems. The solution framework also allows you to specify your needs for a customized cloud based solution hosted on Why RFID for Livestock Tracking? Animal identification, a global market, grows about 30% every year.¹ RFID technology today identifies several hundred

5 Reasons to Use Bluetooth Technology

The top five reasons your business will benefit from using Bluetooth Technology 1. It’s Wireless No cables needed! Using bluetooth technology allows for items that would usually need to be hard wired or cabled to become wireless. This in turn means portability! Barcode scanners, printers, computers, mobile devices, RFID readers, calipers, scales and more no longer require a cabled mess in order to be actively used. 2. It’s Inexpensive Because bluetooth is relatively inexpensive when compared with other forms of wireless technologies, most companies can implement and execute Bluetooth capable

NFC Technology – Defined

A succinct explanation of Near Field Communications (NFC) and NFC tag uses. NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, also known as smart tags, are a type of RFID tag designed for short distance reading. NFC tags have a semiconductor chip with an attached antenna. The antenna is used to excite the chip when the reader is nearby and to communicate with the reader. The chip contains a unique ID commonly called the Unit ID (UID) or Chip Serial Number (CSN). Most chips also contain memory storage that can be used to

RFID Tag Technology Buyer’s Guide

Get familiar with RFID tag technology, learn about your various tag options,  and consider how your RFID tag vendor can affect your project’s success. Step 1. Determine Your Project’s Needs Before Shopping RFID has a wide range of standards and options and can be overwhelming. Being able to contact your vendor directly to get these answers will save you countless hours and headaches.  Start off by asking yourself: Which form factor best suits our needs? RFID tags come in a variety of form factors, to include: Wristbands, badges, adhesive sticker

SERIALIO.COM @ RFID JOURNAL LIVE! 2015 returned as a Fourth Year Exhibitor at RFID Journal LIVE! 2015  This April, returned as an exhibitor at RFID Journal LIVE!  The 2015 event was the best ever – our booth was twice the size as previous years, our products were among the most innovative that we had ever showcased, and we met with some of the best names in the industry to discuss projects and partner opportunities that would facilitate even more ingenuity amongst the RFID community. The April 15th-17th, 2015 conference by RFID Journal LIVE! could not have been


We are happy to be returning to the RFID Journal Live! event in San Diego, April 15-17, 2015.  We will be debuting the latest in RFID scanning technology, the idChamp RS3, featuring Bluetooth Low Energy! SerialIO will be attending this years RFiD Journal Live! 2015 exhibition from April 15 – 17th, come see us at booth 915!  And we’re excited to be returning once again with brand new technology! We are proud to be unveiling the world’s most versatile mobile NFC tag reader, the idChamp RS3.   Our latest addition

Serialio RFID Solution Streamlines Traffic Flow at Salt Lake City Comic Con

Since 2013, Salt Lake City Comic Con has become one of the most attended Comic Con events in North America, seeing up to 120,000 attendees in one event.  SLCCC was in need of a solution to streamline their ticket administration process and reduce ticket fraud. Their most critical need: to reduce guest wait times. Since 2013, Salt Lake City Comic Con has become one of the most attended Comic Con events in North America, seeing up to 120,000 attendees in one event.  SLCCC was in need of a solution to

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