Quorum Meeting Attendance – Instant Quorum Notification

Quorum Meeting Attendance – Get Instant Quorum Notification First you need in quorum in meeting attendance. Additionally, your tired of the hassle of getting attendance at your meetings to verify you have a quorum. Furthermore you know you must have a quorum to enable voting and other meeting activities that require a quorum. Finally you spend a significant part of the meeting with the hassle of finding out you have a quorum. Solve your headache with Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Time and Attendance instant quorum notification. Setup Your Quorum Alert Setup the

WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More

WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More First you have a scale or other device with an RS232 port, or built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Second, you need to connect the scale to WiFi. Third, you have one or more clients to get data from the device, simultaneously if needed. Finally you use SDM TCIP-IP Device Server to WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More. You don’t see your device? Contact to get support. TCP-IP Connect Your Devices From Anywhere With SDM Server First install Serialio Sdm Server app on your

Geofence Check-in Android Auto Onsite Headcount

Geofence Check-in Android | Onsite Check-in Via Geofence First, you need an on-site check-in solution to know who’s onsite during an emergency. Second, you don’t want to use employee or student RFID or barcode badges to check-in and check-out. Third, people are willing to put app on their phone that will check-in & check-out when they come and go. Finally, your proven solution is Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Remote Check-in with Stratus-io Time & Attendance. Now you have geofence check-in Android, also know iPhones are also supported. Here is an example of

macOS NFC Browser | Posts NFC & NDEF On Webpages

macOS NFC Browser Easily Posts NFC Records To Webpages First you need an easy way to post NDEF records from NFC tags to web pages in the browser. Secondly, it’s easy for users so they don’t need to tap in fields to get focus before NFC reads. Third, you need to post multiple NDEF records on the web page with a single NFC tag read. Use the macOS NFC Browser – iScanBrowser iOS runs on macOS with Apple M1 silicon and later. Install iScanBrowser From Apple App Store To get

Multi-Language Late Notification via SMS

Multi-Language Late Notification | SMS Late & Absent Messages First, you have meetings and classes for people who’s parents speak different languages. Second, some parents may be illiterate, so even multi-language late notification SMS may have limited use. Third, you choose Cloud-In-Hand Time and Attendance application to solve both these issues. Next, as students are late or absent, each parent is notified in their own language about the student. Finally, illiterate parents have an MMS image component and they know when the student is late or absent.  Alerts For Multi-Language

Contract Maintenance Attendance | Job Site Check-in

Contract Maintenance Attendance Without Access Control System As your contract maintenance staff checks in at the job site, their attendance is recorded by the job site owner’s access control system (ACS). Unfortunately you have no access to the job site owner’s ACS. Get your solution with Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Remote Check-in option for Time & Attendance. Maintenance Staff Check-in With Their Phone First, all your contract maintenance staff have phones. Second, they use their phone to check-in at the job site when they arrive, and check-out when the leave. Third, you

Emergency Preparedness Check-in Mobile Solution

Emergency Planner App Emergency Preparedness Check-in As an Emergency Planner, here you find the Emergency Preparedness Check-in solution with unmatched mobility. Cloud-In-Hand Time & Attendance performs Emergency Headcount during your emergency without fixed muster points (aka rally points).  Your flexible emergency check-ins can be any one, or all, of the following: SMS/TEXT Employee/Student RFID Badge Barcode Scanner iPhone or Android (Requires credentials stored in Apple/Google Wallet) App on iPhone or Android Manual check-in by department/floor manager Emergency Planner Bulletin – Inform People Of Emergency Information Importance Of Emergency Planner Bulletins

Connect BlueSnap M6A On Windows

Connect BlueSnap M6A On Windows Connect BlueSnap M6A Windows using SerialMagic Keys. Sent RS232 data wirelessly as keystrokes to any Windows application with no programming. There are two SerialMagic Keys applications: SerialMagic Keys Professional from Microsoft Store; SerialMagic Professional. Here we’ll show how to connect BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 dongle with SerialMagic Keys Professional. Note: The BlueSnap M6A replaces the old BlueSnap Classic 2.1 dongle that was end-of-life in 2023. Contact for how to migrate your apps to BlueSnap M6A. Install SerialMagic Keys Professional First, Install SerialMagic Keys Professional

Android Cabled RFID Attendance Kiosk

Android Cabled RFID Attendance Kiosk – Wireless Unauthorized First use the Android cabled RFID-NFC attendance kiosk when hard connections are desired. Second, wireless connections are not allowed some sensitive environments. In both cases, use a cabled RFID reader like the idChamp® brand NF2 NFC badge/tag reader shown here. Attendance Kiosk For Fast NFC-RFID Check-in First launch Stratus-io Time & Attendance app on Android. Second, enter the credentials associated with your Stratus-io Time and Attendance account. Third, connect the idChamp® NF2 NFC cabled reader in the app Serial Device Manager.

Use Your iPhone As Employee Badge

iPhone As Employee Badge – iPhone Is Your Access Badge Using your iPhone as employee badge is easy. Your iPhone securely contains your employee credential in the iPhone Apple Wallet. You check-in for meetings, trainings, emergency headcount, and open doors. You forgot your employee badge – no problem – your iPhone is your employee or student access badge. Your idChamp® RS4x offers support for all HID Mobile Access® solutions including employee badge and Student ID in Apple Wallet. idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential Reader First setup the idChamp® RS4x Smart Credential

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