Parent-Child Check-Out Safety

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety For After School Activities The safety of children when leaving school and after school activities is crucial. Parent-Child Check-Out Safety records the parent or trusted guardian the child is released to. Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance provides reporting for all the minor children and who checks them out from the facility. You improve safety of your activities and have records for compliance needs. Outside School and After School Activities Check-In​ You check-in children fast to your after school and outside school activities using RFID-NFC badges, and or barcodes. Children

Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows

Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows – Wireless Scanners, Scales… Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows to wireless RFID readers, barcode scanners, scales, calipers, sensors, whatever! This post connects a BlueSnap M6A wireless RS232 DB9 dongle using SerialMagic Keys Professional (SMKP) Windows. Get SMKP from Microsoft Store. Connect Wireless Devices – No Pairng In Windows Bluetooth Did you know you can connect a Bluetooth device to SMKP without pairing step in Windows Bluetooth app? SerialMagic Keys Professional (SMKP) Windows app connects to Bluetooth devices on Windows, you do not pair in Windows Bluetooth first.

Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO

Use Your Azure SSO Account For Cloud-In-Hand Login Use stratus-io Time and Attendance, and other Cloud-In-Hand® brand solutions, with SSO (Single Sign On). Here you will setup for Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO. Users login to different apps and resources using a single set of credentials with SSO. This is easier for you the user, and more secure for your business. Setup Your Azure AD For Cloud-In-Hand Solution Account Login First you setup your Cloud-In-Hand (CIH) account with Azure AD. Then you will use Azure SSO to login to CIH. Login

School Check-in and Late Pass Printing

School Check-in and Late Pass Printing First, use RFID-NFC badges and/or barcodes and get fast school check-in with automatic late pass printing. Second, use Stratus-io Time and Attendance for Windows. Third, connect both the idChamp® brand NF4x NFC reader and the Scanfob® brand QR code reader. Finally, read 1D barcodes also with the Scanfob® PX20. Speed Check-in With RFID-NFC Badges And Barcodes Using RFID-NFC Badges, QR codes, and barcodes you speed up check-in. First, decide to use two NFC readers or two QRcode readers, or one of each. Second, choose

Is Walk-In RFID Attendance Right For You?

Is Walk-In RFID Attendance Right For You? Walk-in RFID attendance gives you pause-less, tap-less, and touchless attendance. Attendees simply walk in and walk out and attendance is automatic. When you implement walk-in RFID attendance correctly, attendance is easy, fast, and accurate. Why is walk-in attendance not right for everyone? Here you’ll see benefits of walk-in and other attendance types so you can decide what’s best for your organization. Walk-In Attendance Needs At Least One Portal Walk-in RFID attendance requires you to setup at least one Portal. When you have one

SerialMagic Keys Windows Connects Wirelessly

Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows To NF4x RFID-NFC Reader SerialMagic has been enabling data to be posted to all applications since the year 2000 (12 years before the Microsoft Store existed!). Now SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows Connects idChamp® NF4x RFID-NFC Reader-Writer wirelessly to Windows 11, 10*. Once connected, you post RFID-NFC readings as keystrokes to all apps that take keystrokes, no programming needed. *Windows 10 must be  version 1809 or later. Install SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows Get SerialMagic Keys Professional from the Microsoft store. After installe, launch SerialMagic Keys, when your Windows is

iOS Enter/Return Solution idChamp® RS4x

iOS Enter/Return Solution – Cursor Focus Fails To Move After Post You’re using an RFID-NFC-Barcode reader on iOS that sends [ENTER] or [RETURN] character and after the scan. The scanner/reader you use connects to iOS in wireless keyboard mode e.g. like Bluetooth keyboard. However, you find the focus does NOT move to the next field or next line after the scan. This post shows the iOS Enter/Return Solution for the idChamp RS4x RFID-NFC Reader-Writer. This solution may work for other scanners also. The core reason that your cursor fails to

idChamp RS4x BLE or HID

idChamp® RS4x BLE or HID Mode? idChamp® RS4x RFID-NFC reader-writer is flexible with two wireless connection modes. What mode do you use the idChamp RS4x BLE or HID?  Use BLE mode for the most fast and reliable data posting. BLE mode requires your app to connect the scanner. SerialMagic Keys, iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, stratus-io Time and Attendance all support BLE mode. In BLE mode the app connects the scanner. Third party apps using the Serial Device Manager libraries may also connect. Use HID mode when you want the RS4x

Mobile RFID Livestock Management

Modern Mobile RFID Livestock Management Do mobile RFID livestock management using UHF-RFID tags. You may know typical RFID livestock tracking was initially done with LF (134.2Khz) tags. The difficulty when you use LF ear tags is the reader must be very close to the tag to read. You need a longer range for fast and cost-effective livestock tracking and management.  Here you see how an Android tablet with built-in UHF reader is used with cloud solution platform. We use the idChamp® MT8 is with the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app.

HIBC Medical Inventory iPad

Why You Need an HIBC Medical Inventory iPad Use the Medinven HIBC medical inventory iPad app for fast, reliable mobile medical inventory. You have only an iPhone? No problem, use your iPhone, but iPad is easier because of the bigger screen. Also use your MacOS PC as long as it’s M1 CPU or later. First you handle consignments, trunk inventory, evaluations, and more. Second your Scanfob® brand scanner eliminates pen & paper and eliminate all the associated errors with them. Third you upload all your transactions with a simple tap,

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