Ultra-BB2e Pairing Mode

Ultra-BB2e Pairing Mode Also Works on NFC-BB2e

Scanfob® Ultra-BB2e pairing mode is selected depending on what host device the UHF RFID reader is connecting to. 

For Windows connections, the pairing mode must be enabled or Windows will not accept the connection.

For iOS and Android connections, having pairing disabled, provides faster connections to the host.

The steps shown here use the Ultra-BB2e UHF reader/writer, and the same steps also apply to the Scanfob® NFC-BB2e reader/writer.

yACK FAST App on iOS and Android

This post shows the yACK FAST app on iOS used on an iPhone to change the pairing mode. The yACK FAST app on Android performs the same functions, only the UI differs. There is also a non-play distribution of the yACK FAST app for Android.

First Launch yACK FAST app and power on the BB2e reader that you want to change the pairing mode on. Then tap on the device name and iOS will connect.

yACK BLE iOS Change BLE Pairing Mode Find Device Connecting

Tap on the tools menu to display the pairing mode change option. Then tap “Set BB3 pairing mode” to disable Ultra-BB2e pairing mode.

yACK BLE iPhone 11 Change BLE Pairing Mode Tool Menu Displayed

Enable BLE Pairing Mode

Next you enable the BLE pairing mode.

yACK BLE iPhone Ultra-BB2e Enable BLE Pairing Mode

Tap “Enable Pairing Mode” to enable Ultra-BB2e pairing mode. Then you will be prompted to restart (power/cycle) the device.

yACK BLE iPhone Ultra-BB2e BLE Pairing Mode Enabled

Note when pairing mode is enabled. The next time you connect to iOS or Android host device it will prompt to accept the connection.

Wireless RFID iOS iPhone Pairing Prompt

Disable BLE Pairing Mode

When pairing is enabled on the NFC-BB2e or Ultra-BB2e Reader/Writer, disable the BLE pairing mode like this.

Wireless RFID-NFC iOS iPhone Disable Pairing mode to eliminate the pairing prompt

Tap “Disable Pairing Mode” then you will be prompted to restart (power/cycle) the device.

Wireless RFID-NFC iOS iPhone Disabled Pairing mode so no more pairing prompt on connect

Important note after you disable pairing mode. To connect to the same device again, you must forget the device in iOS Settings > Bluetooth section. iOS remembers the device when pairing is enabled, this does not happen when pairing is disabled.

BLE RFID-NFC iOS iPhone pairing prompt on connect disabled forget device

Remember Ultra-BB2e pairing mode changes shown here work the same with the NFC-BB2e Reader/Writer.