Mobile RFID Livestock Management

Modern Mobile RFID Livestock Management

Do mobile RFID livestock management using UHF-RFID tags. You may know typical RFID livestock tracking was initially done with LF (134.2Khz) tags. The difficulty when you use LF ear tags is the reader must be very close to the tag to read. You need a longer range for fast and cost-effective livestock tracking and management. 

Mobile UHF RFID Livestock Tracking Sheep Built-In UHF ReaderHere you see how an Android tablet with built-in UHF reader is used with cloud solution platform. We use the idChamp® MT8 is with the Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app. Use this RFID livestock solution for sheep, cattle, camels, and more. 

You easy identify and manage your livestock with the mobile UHF-RFID tablet. Identify specific animals, look up their history, and add notes to their records. You do this without network connectivity and sync your work to the cloud when the network is connected. 

You have a web application and need a mobile Android tablet with built-in UHF reader? Use iScanBrowser to post readings directly to the webapp, iScanBrowser automatically posts your data properly using Web Form Rule (WFR) technology.