Wireless RS-232 Scale On MacOS Post Keystrokes

Wireless RS-232 Scale With Your Current Scale You connect your RS-232 scale with BlueSnap M6A, now you have a Wireless RS-232 Scale On MacOS. First you get the optional HID wireless keyboard firmware option for the BlueSnap M6A. Next you post weight readings as keystrokes to all MacOS apps that allow typed input, without special software. Third, the BlueSnap M6A serial dongle connects wirelessly eliminating cables between your scale and Mac. Finally you transmit data up to 30 feet (10 meters) between scale and Mac giving you great portability. No

Apple Student ID NFC Reader

Apple Student ID NFC Reader – Mobile & Wireless idChamp® RS4x Apple Student ID NFC Reader posts credentials stored in Apple Wallet* and much more. Read all physical RFID Prox, iClass/Seos, and more. Read soft credentials with HID Global Mobile Access, and other supported apps. Read all these credentials/badges with idChamp RS4x up to 30 feet from your iPad or iPhone.   *Requires purchase of Mobile Credential  More than iPad and iPhone RS4x also connects to Android, MacOS, & Win10+. Read all types of student IDs – physical and soft –

Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Fast, Easy, Flexible

Looking for the Best iPad Check-in Kiosk Are you looking for the best iPad check-in kiosk? With stratus-io Time & Attendance you have fast, easy-to-use and flexible check-in solutions. First, you can use your iPad (or iPhone). Second, if you prefer Android tablets or phones, this also works. Finally, you may have Windows tablets or PCs you want to use, no problem. Stratus-io Time & Attendance gives you kiosk and mobile modes. Use Current Employee Badges Use idChamp® and Scanfob® brand RFID-NFC readers with your organization’s current employee badges. No

idChamp® NF4 Wireless RFID-NFC Badge Reader & Chromebook

Connect idChamp® NF4 Wireless RFID-NFC Badge Reader to Chromebook. Post badge reads as keystrokes to any application on Chromebook. NF4 reads HID PROX, ioProx, Micro Prox, iClass SEOS, Elite, Indala, ISO14443A, MIFARE, DESFire, Ultralight, Topaz ISO14443B, ISO15693, ICODE SLI, SLIX, Tag-it, AWID, CASI-RUSCO, EM4100, iClass/Elite/Indala etc.) All Standard Card Types, Nexwatch Wireless RFID-NFC badge reader for Chromebook

iPad Visitor Badge Printing and Check-in

Badge Printing Is Needed You may not think of badges when you first thing of visitor management. Visitor and guest badge printing is often overlooked but you quickly find its crucial need. For the security of your organization proper badging is needed. Use  iPad visitor badge printing to quickly identify your guests. Here we show check-in using Brother QL-820NWB Professional, Ultra Flexible Label Printer. First you create badges quickly on-the-fly at your check-in station. Alternately, print badges out ahead of time with all of the required information for your visitors.

Livestock & Pet RFID Reader On Windows

First iPad-iPhone Livestock & Pet RFID Reader idChamp® DX1 reader the words first wireless livestock & pet RFID reader of its kind. Since 2010 has provided the unique wireless Low-Frequency (LF) 134.2 kHz RFID-NFC reader. First the DX1 is the only wireless livestock reader of its kind to connect to iOS and Android devices. Secondly, you see the desktop cabled version of the DX1 working with Windows tablet (Surface Pro 4). Finally, the DX1 reads animal ear tags and inject-able microchip tags of many types: FDX-B/HDX ISO-11784/85, TIRIS, EM4100. Software

idChamp® MT8 Android 8-in Tablet Built-in UHF RFID, 2D Barcode, & NFC

Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform supports idChamp® MT8 Android 8-inch tablet with built-in UHF RFID, 2D Barcode, & NFC readers. Attendance: Sign in and out of meetings, monitor training sessions, and know who’s on site day-to-day. Time Tracking: Automate employee clock-in, store digital records, and simplify payroll, compliance, and auditing. Headcount: Create virtual stations for employees to check-in during emergencies. Open Check-In: Continuously track employee scans at site entry points Open Check-In/Check-Out: Track “check-in” and “check-out” scans at entry/exit points Checkpoint: Track check-in/out at defined events for all employees or assigned groups Self Check-In:

Compare FAST and HID Modes – FAST 30 times Faster

FAST vs HID Mode Makes A Difference When you compare FAST and HID modes you find FAST is 30 times faster to connect. Keyboard HID (Human Interface Device) is a popular method of sending data from RFID, Barcode, Scales, Sensors, and such to iPads, iPhones, Android, Windows devices. Wireless FAST mode is better for fast and reliable wireless device support. Send Wireless Data Faster and More Reliable with FAST FAST mode not only discovers faster, data also sends much faster, and is more reliable than  HID/Keyboard mode. First, Using SerialMagic you

iPhone RFID Badge Check-In

iPhone 11 now supports reading RFID employee access badge CSN (Card Serial Number) – aka UID (Unit ID) – NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) from an NFC chip. has supported this feature since Apple’s update. This option along with unmatched number of methods to read RFID & NFC tag values have been provided since 2009. Finally you will do iPhone RFID Badge Check-In with the built-in iPhone NFC reader. What is Core NFC? Core NFC is Apple’s built-in NFC functionality in iPhones. Core NFC’s significant update with the release of

How stratus-io Mitigates Poor Internet Reliability

As more applications rely on Internet connectivity, the reliability of the Internet becomes more core to the success of business. According to the National Internet Segments’ Reliability Survey in 2017-2018*, USA ranked 7th (moving down two places since last survey) Many ISPs tout reliability of their service, however the reality is more than 45% of ISP’s have only one connection to an upstream transit provider*. For many solutions, Cloud-In-Hand® stratus-io can improve reliability by mitigating poor Internet connectivity with it’s flexible and powerful off-line capability. Feel free to contact

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