Moving Fast With Accuracy: Using IScanBrowser to Get The Most Out of Your Web Applications

Working quickly is a key part to most of our everyday lives.Deadlines upon deadlines fill our calendars with demands of working quickly.However, with speed comes the risk of inaccuracy.When using mobile businesses processes, you can run into this risk as well.So how can we utilize the power of mobile web apps and at the same time reduce the risk of bad data-entry? Serialio’s iScanBrowser is here to save you time and lower risk. Serialio’s Serial Device Manager The Serial Device Manager serves as a middle man.It provides integrated connectivity for


According to the dictionary, to integrate means to combine (one thing) with another so they become a whole.You can infer from that definition that if you fail to integrate you do not have a whole, instead you have… a hole.Bad puns aside, many businesses find it hard to integrate.Whether it be new devices or new personnel, businesses often struggle to create that whole. So how can we integrate devices into our businesses? The Rise of Mobile and Bluetooth Business and business systems are constantly moving to mobile.Taking business to mobile

Finding Pencils: Using RFID for Asset Management

Every school started the same for me.We would go shopping the week before school start for new binders, paper, pens, and pencils (with an occasional new backpack!)The school year would start and by October I was asking my friends to lend me their pencils.It seems that the 10-year-old version of myself couldn’t keep track of school supplies.But, some things never change. Asset Management can be a hassle and can drill a hole in companies’ pockets. Asset Tracking Problems Let’s face it, everyone is human and forgets things.However, through this negligence

Clone: Using the Same Solution at Mulitple Points

Every since I was young, I always though about the idea of having a clone of myself.I could send my clone to school while I played video games all day.And now that I am grown up, my problems have only multiplied.Businesses everywhere face multiple problems on a daily basis.One is taking attendance of who and where people are. But, how can we solve the same attendance problem that we face at multiple fronts? An integrated solution is what we need. Attendance Problems in Business One major metropolitan children’s hospital needed

Unplugged: Using Wireless Bluetooth to DEX Without Cables

DEX vending machines and DSD routes with smartphones. THOUSANDS in daily use. But why are you still using big clunky wires to collect DEX Data What is DEX Data? DEX(protocol) is a format for collecting audit and event data from vending machines.This protocol was created in the late 1980s and was quickly made a norm in the vending machine industry.DEX records data that help improve the auditing process, such as cash in/out and product movement.However, to get this data, you have to open the machine and a long wire must

Grocery Line: Scanning Inventory with Ease

This past weekend, I went to my local grocery store to quickly buy breadcrumbs in hopes of filling my stomach with deep-fried shrimp.However, it was SuperBowl weekend.I soon found myself standing in a long line for the under 15 items scanner holding A bag of breadcrumbs.As I was standing there moving a centimeter per minute, I thought to myself how wonderful it would be if there was a scanner that you could just push your cart through and have everything scanned. Using handheld scanners in business can feel the same

Robot Animals: Using RFID Tags in Livestock and Pets

The cows are taking over the world!Well, not quite.Since around 2006, veterinarians have implanted animals with Low Frequency (LF) RFID technology to store animal profiles.The LF RFID technology for livestock most commonly uses 134 kHz spectrum, and are commonly attached to ears of livestock (cows, sheep, horses, pigs).For pets, 134 kHz and 125 kHz are most commonly used, and tiny glass encased tags are typically injected with a syringe into the pet with no sustained discomfort.Veterinarians, farmers, and scientist use the RFID tags to reference information about the tagged animal.

Target Confusion: Lock Bluetooth Focus with NFC Tags

Today, our World is full of “smart” devices.Thousands of devices that can send information between each other.But how can they be so “smart” when it takes me a decade to connect my phone to my wireless speaker?By making everything smart, my phone constantly switches bluetooth connection from one device to the other without me actually wanting to switch. Luckily, there’s a smarter way. What are NFC Tags? Near Field Communication Tags, or NFC tags, are small chips that store and transfer information through the use of radio waves.NFC is being

Death by Pen: Difficulties with Manual Attendance Systems

In late 2017, the state of Virginia had a very rare occurrence.When electing the representative for their 94th District, the state held a recount.The recount led to the discovery of a ballot that was weirdly marked.This then resulted in the election ending in a tie and being decided by pulling a name from a hat. When humans manually do a task, the task usually has a greater risk of error and is less time-efficient. Many businesses, healthcare centers, and schools are still using manual attendance systems.This puts these institutes at

Bicycle vs. Racecar: The Difference Between Built-In Phone NFC Readers and the idChamp® NF2

On occasion, I enjoy riding my bicycle.It’s very soothing to see the scenery, take in nature,maybe even start some small talk with a neighbor.I think I ride my bike at a pretty fast pace, but if I was in a Formula 1 race, I’m pretty sure I would need something with more power. Sometimes, that’s exactly what we need in the workplace as well. More POWER. When working with built-in phone NFC Readers, it can sometimes feel like you are riding a bike in a Formula 1 race.There’s a faster

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