MacOS Wireless Scale & Scanfob® Ultra-BB2 UHF Reader/Writer

Connect Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale to macOS devices like MacBookPro, Mac Mini, Mac Server, iMac, using BlueSnap M6A wireless serial dongle. BlueSnap dongle connects to Ranger scale’s RS-232 port, with a wireless connection to MBP. SerialMagic Scripts (SMS) app connects MBP to the scale, SMS has shortcut defined to send get weight command, the weight is posted as keystrokes to any application that has keyboard focus, in this video OpenOffice Calc. SerialMagic Scripts (SMS) can connect multiple wireless Bluetooth and cabled devices simultaneously. In this example the scanfob® Ultra-BB2e reader

Read Access Control Badges With iPod Touch PROX (LF), iCLASS (HF), More

How to read RFID-NFC access control badges, tags, chips with iPod Touch Read low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) access control badges with wireless connection to iPod-Touch using the idChamp® brand NF4x RFID-NFC wireless badge reader. Read HITAG1, HITAG2, PROX, ioPROX, Indala, FeliCa, SecuraKey, Tag-It ISO-14443A, ISO-14443B, ISO-15693, CASI-RUSCO, ReadyKey, AWID, Dimpna, Cotag, Corbin Russwin, Deister, DIGITAG, EM 410x (4100, 4102, 4105, 4200), NDEF data, and more.

Ohaus Ranger 3000 Scale iPhone Wireless Post Weight As Keystrokes

Connect Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale to iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch using BlueSnap M6A wirelessly serial dongle. BlueSnap dongle connects to scale RS-232 port, with wireless connection to iPhone11. SerialMagic Keys app connects iPhone (iOS) to the scale, weight posted as keystrokes to any application that has keyboard focus. This example uses FileMaker Go app. Item is put on scale, press print button, weight posted via wireless connection to FileMaker app.  Works for ALL apps that take keyboard input, with Serial Device Manager (SDM) libraries, connect with 3rd party apps. Get the BlueSnap

DEX Download Session Using iPod Touch Wireless BlueSnap DEX Adapter

The wireless BlueSnap DEX M6A adapter provides unmatched mobile DEX exchange sessions using iOS, Android, and more. This video uses iPod Touch device to perform wireless DEX exchange session. Also other iOS device like iPhone, iPad, and use Android phones, and tablets.

iPhone built-in RFID-NFC Read Distance Varies Based On Inlay/Tag Antenna Size

How do you know the read distance of the iPhone built-in RFID-NFC reader?Will a small NFC tag give the required distance?How big do you need to have an NFC inlay-tag to get a long read distance? This video uses iPhone 11, the same results will correlate with iPhone 12, and iPhone 13, iPhone 14, iPhone 15, etc. The iPhone built-in RFID-NFC distance between the iPhone and varies based on Inlay/Tag antenna size Round and square antenna shapes are both produce the same correlation: large NFC/antenna/tag size means longer read distance.

How To Unpair Multiple Bluetooth Devices With One Step

Suppose you have LOTS of Bluetooth devices (say 30, 70, 100+) paired to a device. How can this happen? When testing devices during production, this can easily happen. Doing tap gear icon, and tap Unpair hundreds of times, is really not a productive use of time. yACK FAST Android app provides a tool to unpair ALL Bluetooth device pairings in ONE step. Tap SELECT DEVICE, tap upper-right menu, tap “Unpair all devices”. This displays all the currently paired Bluetooth devices on this Android device, with dialog titled “Choose devices to unpair”. By

How To Pick RFID-NFC Chip Type: iPhone11 SLIX2 vs NTAG213 Tiny NFC

How do you know what RFID-NFC chip model-type to use for your NFC project? There are hundreds of models, some more popular shown below. What read & write range is needed?What material will RFID-NFC tag be applied to, or inserted in?How much data needs to be stored?What read & write speed is required? Read range is often an important parameter in choosing type of RFID-NFC chip. Video below shows the read range of NTAG213 vs SLIX2 chips in tiny rigid PCB NFC tags (4.8mm square, 1.8mm thick).This type of tag is available in

Eliminating Wires and Errors with the BlueSnap M6A

A food production facility on the east coast was on the hunt for a solution for their production line.When dealing with food products, they needed to be sure that weights were properly recorded and within reasonable limits in order to proceed. Once the software was in place, the next important step was getting the right hardware.  Manual entry is cumbersome and prone to human error. When a significant portion of the day is spent recording weights, a mistake being made doesn’t just eat up time–it costs money. With, of course,

Keeping People Safe with the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader for NFC/RFID and Employee Badges

Keeping People Safe with the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader for NFC/RFID and Employee Badges Amidst this global epidemic, COVID-19, employees are beginning to return to their offices. Businesses are doing their best to implement safe social distancing and taking other precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infection. From maintaining appropriate physical distance to making sure work areas are staying clean, the first step to staying safe starts as soon as you step on site. The idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader is working on the front line to

Use NFC Sticker Tag On Metal Surface

How To Use Standard NFC Sticker Tag On Metal Surface Standard NFC tags fail to read when you put them on a metal surfaces. Here we show how you use NFC Sticker Tag On Metal Surfaces.A typical RFID-NFC tag or inlay you use, will read with any NFC reader when placed on non-metallic surfaces. You put the tag on stone, wood, glass, plastic, paper, or hold it in the air, and it works fine. Why Do RFID-NFC Tags Not Work On Metal? Here is a typical round 8mm adhesive sticker

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