How to Create a New Web Form Rule in iScanBrowser for Android

This article demonstrates how to create a new Web Form Rule (WFR) in iScanBrowser for Android using the Create WFR button. In this example, we created a WFR to send scan data to the search field on (our online storefront). Remember that this is only one example of one type of Web Form Rule. If you’re interested in other ways you can use Web Form Rules to automate your workflow, contact our solutions team — we’ll be happy to show you how to complete a wide range of tasks with

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How to Enable Always Showing the Address Bar in iScanBrowser for Android

iScanBrowser for Android doesn’t display the address bar by default. Here, we’ll show you how to enable always showing the address bar. 1. Open the sidebar menu by tapping on the hamburger icon (located at the top left of the screen) or by swiping from the left edge of the screen to the center of the screen. 2. Tap on Settings. 3. Tap on Web Form Rules. 4. Select the checkbox for Always show address bar.

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How to create a new Web Form Rule without the WFR Wizard on iScanBrowser for Android

This article demonstrates how to create a new Web From Rule (WFR) without using the WFR Wizard. Create a WFR without the wizard 1. Open the sidebar menu. 2. Tap on “Settings.” 3. Tap on “WEB Form Rules.” 4. Tap on the green plus symbol to add a new Web Form Rule. 5. When prompted to use the wizard, tap “NO.” 6. After selecting “NO,” iScanbrowser will create a new empty WFR for you. You’ll then be able to adjust the WFR settings as shown in the screenshot below. WFR setting

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How to pair with an LLRP scanner via the SDM on Android (Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid)

This app note walks you through the process of pairing an LLRP based scanner to the Serial Device Manager (SDM) on Android. The SDM is a core component of Serialio’s Android applications, including SerialMagic Gears, iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, and Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance. For the purposes of this note, we’ve used Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, but this feature is available on all Serialio Android applications that have the SDM. 1. Launch Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid. 2. Navigate to the SDM by tapping on the SDM icon. 3. Once on the SDM view, tap

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How to Write NDEF Data to NFC Tags with the idChamp RS4 and iScanBrowser for iOS

This article demonstrates how to use the idChamp RS4 and iScanBrowser for iOS to write NDEF data to NFC tags. In the first section of this guide, we’ll learn how to write an NDEF record to a tag. In the second section, we’ll test the tag by reading the NDEF data. You will need: an idChamp RS4 RFID reader an NFC tag to write to an iPhone or iPad Before you get started, you’ll want to download iScanBrowser from the AppStore, power on your idChamp RS4, and launch iScanBrowser once it

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