How to Create a New Web Form Rule in iScanBrowser for Android

This article demonstrates how to create a new Web Form Rule (WFR) in iScanBrowser for Android using the Create WFR button. In this example, we created a WFR to send scan data to the search field on (our online storefront). Remember that this is only one example of one type of Web Form Rule. If you’re interested in other ways you can use Web Form Rules to automate your workflow, contact our solutions team — we’ll be happy to show you how to complete a wide range of tasks with iScanBrowser!

1. Navigate to the page you want to create a WFR for. Here, we’ll use Serialio’s web store‘s search field as an example.

iScanBrowser Android

2. Tap on the Create WFR floating button.

3. Select the type of Web Form Rule you want to create. For this example, we selected “Use this to define target for scan data by tapping field on page“.

iScanBroswer Android select type of web form rule

4. Tap on the field you want to use. For this example, we used the search field for

iScanBrowser Android WFR creation select field for scan data

5. The next screen shows you the target field ID (“q”) and allows you to set whether you want iScanBrowser to enter scan data into the field ALWAYS or only when the field is empty. By default, iScanBrowser will use the target field regardless of whether or not it is empty.

iScanBrowser Android WFR creation target input settings

6. The next screen allows you to set whether the WFR is for this URL only or for any URL with a matching field ID (in this case, the field ID was “q”).

iScanBrowser Android WFR creation URL settings

7. The final page shows you an overview of the Web Form Rule you just created. If everything looks correct, tap on Save.

iScanBrowser Android WFR creation overview page

You’ll now see the new WFR listed in the Web Form Rules Manager page.

iScanBrowser Android Web Form Rules Manager page