Assign Triggers to Device Buttons in iScanBrowser (Android)

This article demonstrates how to assign the volume up button on your Android device to trigger a scan (or read) from the paired barcode scanner or RFID reader.

1. Open the sidebar menu by tapping on the hamburger icon (located at the top left of the screen) or by swiping from the left edge of the screen to the center of the screen.

iScanBrowser Android hamburger icon

2. Tap on Settings.

iScanBrowser Android sidebar menu settings

3. Tap on Trigger settings.

iScanBrowser Android settings trigger settings

4. Tap on Trigger Scan to assign a button to trigger the last paired scanner to scan (for barcode scanners, it will trigger the laser; for RFID readers, it will trigger a read).

iScanBrowser Android trigger settings trigger scan

Alternatively, select Trigger Camera to assign a button to trigger the Android device’s camera.

5. Select either Volume UP (for the volume up button) or Volume Down (for the volume down button).

iScanBrowser Android trigger settings assign trigger (volume up button or volume down button)

You can see here that I’ve assigned the volume up button to trigger a scan.

iScanBrowser Android volume up button assigned to trigger scan