How to pair with an LLRP scanner via the SDM on Android (Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid)

This app note walks you through the process of pairing an LLRP based scanner to the Serial Device Manager (SDM) on Android. The SDM is a core component of Serialio’s Android applications, including SerialMagic Gears, iScanBrowser, Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, and Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance. For the purposes of this note, we’ve used Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, but this feature is available on all Serialio Android applications that have the SDM.

1. Launch Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid.

2. Navigate to the SDM by tapping on the SDM icon.

3. Once on the SDM view, tap on the vertical more icon (located in the top right-hand corner).

4. Select “Connect LLRP reader” from the drop-down menu.

5. Enter a friendly name for your scanner in the Alias field (something that will help you remember which scanner it is).

6. If you know the LLRP scanner’s IP address, enter it in the IP address field.

7. To search for LLRP scanners on the current network, click “Scan LLRP Readers.” Note: scanning process may take some time.

8. When you see your device, tap on it to add it.

9. You can now scan directly into Cloud-In-Hand Mobile grid with your LLRP scanner.

10. It’s highly recommended to setup Scan Filter Settings before connecting the LLRP scanner, as the scanner can read large numbers of tags very rapidly.