BOSCH GLM 165 27C SerialMagic Keys iOS Laser Measure post as keystrokes

BOSCH Laser Measurements iOS

Post laser measurements on iOS using Bosch GLM & Blaze models. Measurements are posted to any iOS app as if data was typed, so use with all iOS apps that take keyed input. Your measurements will be 100% accurate when put into your app since user errors are eliminated.

100% Accurate Measurement Input

You no longer need to worry about you, or your personnel typing the wrong information into your app. SerialMagic Keys provides 100% accurate keyed input, the laser measurements on iOS come directly from BOSCH device to iPad or iPhone.

Supported BOSCH Laser Measurer Models

When you have at least one of the following BOSCH GLM & Blaze models you post laser measurer readings to any iOS app as keystrokes:

  • Bosch GLM 50-27 C
  • Bosch GLM 50-27 CG
  • Bosch Blaze165-27C
  • Bosch Blaze165-27CG
  • Bosch GLM 150-27 C
  • Bosch GLM 100-25 C
  • Bosch GLM 120 C
  • Bosch GLM400C
  • Bosch GLM400CL
  • Bosch GLM 150 C
  • Bosch GLM CAM
SerialMagic Keys iOS Connects Laser Measurers

SerialMagic Keys iOS connects both BOSCH laser measurer devices, and the Leica DISTO E7100i. You enable Bluetooth on the laser measurer and then open SerialMagic Keys and connect the device.

Bosch Blaze 165 27C connected to SerialMagic Keys iPhone and iPad
BOSCH GLM 165 27C SerialMagic Keys post measurement inches

You can see the picture below shows SerialMagic Keys posting laser measurement into the Messenger app. The measurement units can be selected in SerialMagic Keys. If you like, you pick different units for posted readings than the BOSCH units setting, you get maximum flexibility. 

BOSCH GLM SerialMagic Keys Post laser measure Apple messenger

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