Read Write RI-TRP-DR2B-40 RFID Glass Transponder

Read & write RI-TRP-DR2B-40 RFID transponder. The idChamp® DX1 LF RFID reader/writer provides just the solution you need. The DX1 reads – and writes when supported by the chip – using the HDX & FDX protocols.

TI 32mm RI-TRP-BRHP-40 Glass Transponder Low Frequency 134.2kHz


TI 32mm RI-TRP-BRHP-40 Glass Transponder Low Frequency 134.2kHz RFID Chip

Read & Write 134.2kHz RFID Chips

You can write from iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. This works for all apps using apps supporting the SDM. Alternately, if you prefer Android use your Android tablet or smartphone. Moreover, Contact to provide your solution for Windows and MacOS. Your flexibility is unmatched using the idChamp DX1 134.2kHz RFID HDX & FDX reader writer. Also note, the DX1 comes in wireless and cabled models. The picture below shows the wireless, durable, water resistant model. Use Android apps like SerialMagic, iScanBrowser, & Mobile Grid in TIRIS 64 bit / Multi-Page mode, to write all 17 pages of the RI-TRP-DR2B-40.

TI 32mm RI-TRP-BRHP-40 glass transponder on wireless HDX FDX reader writer that works with iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS


Read RI-TRP-DR2B-40 RFID transponder with wireless HDX FDX reader writer. Works with iOS, Android, capable on Windows, MacOS.

Wireless RFID Browser on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Do you want to read 134.2kHz low-frequency (LF) RFID transponder on iOS? First, install iScanBrowser app from the AppStore on your iOS device. Next, connect iScanBrowser to your wireless device. Then, you can setup a Web-Form-Rule (WFR). The WFR tells your iOS browser exactly what needs to happen when post comes from connected device. Finally note, iScanBrowser connects your browser solution to thousands of types of wireless devices. Connect your iOS browser to RFID scanners, NFC scanners, barcode readers, scales, sensors, calipers … whatever!

Wireless RFID Keyboard on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Do you need to post keystrokes to any iOS app that takes keyed input? First, install SerialMagic Keys on your iOS device, and connect the wireless RFID-NFC reader, or other device. Next, put the cursor on the iOS app where you want data posted, and viola, data is posted without any user error. Finally note: iScanBrowser, SerialMagic Keys, and other apps are also available on Android.