Scan NFC Tag Instantly Connect iPhone RFID Reader

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Wireless RFID Reader For Instant Check-in with iPhone

You take attendance for your class, training session, meeting, or emergency event. A fast and convenient way to do this is what you need. You have considered using an RFID-NFC reader, but it sounds confusing. This post shows you how to easily connect the RFID reader to your iPhone. Once you connect doing check-in is fast and error free. Instantly Connect iPhone RFID reader by scanning NFC tag.

Scan NFC Tag with iPhone Reader to Connect

You easily connect the Scanfob® brand NFC reader to your iPhone scanning the NFC tag setup for your NFC reader. The handheld NFC reader is conveniently sized, like a key fob. You read RFID chips instantly and employee, contractor, or visitor’s check-in is instantly done on the iPhone. Connect the RFID-NFC reader to the iPhone instantly when you scan the RFID tag assigned to the reader. You do this using iPhone built-in NFC reader once the NFC tag has been setup.

Scan NFC Tag with iPhone Reader to Connect

When you have the wireless RFID reader connected to your iPhone, you scan badges attendee badges instantly. Simply press the scanner button, and you’ve check the person in. Additionally, you can put the scanner in ‘constant read mode’ and you just hold the reader near the badge to check-in the person.