Moving To RFID From Barcodes

Moving to RFID from Barcodes was one of the smartest decisions we ever made. Serialio worked with our IT department for a smooth transition. We added RFID-NFC tags to our currently barcoded assets for a seamless transition.

Our mobile inventory solution using RFID works nicely with our in-house business processes.  We save significant time and money. We use Scanfobs® brand keyfob sized mobile NFC readers, and desktop USB UHF RFID readers. The Android tablets connect to the Scanfob brand readers with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app. The desktop readers connect with SerialMagic Professional.

We easily capture RFID mobile, and at the desktop in our facility. We experience only benefits using RFID over barcodes, no compromise. Our inventory process is reduced by several manhours using RFID compared to when we used barcodes. Scanning with RFID is also easier than barcodes, since there is no barcode reader beam to point.

Our solution works consistently now for many years and have no plans of going back to barcodes!

Jack A. Simons, MS, LATg, CMAR
UT Health San Antonio

UT Health Science Center San Antonio uses RFID
UT Health Science Center San Antonio uses RFID to replace barcodes