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Geolocation Attendance Automatic Checkin/Checkout

Geolocation attendance provides automatic check-in and checkout personnel at any location using stratus-io: Remote Check-In. With stratus-io, your organization can create geofences (geolocations) in any number of places. Personnel are automatically checked in and out as they enter the defined geographic location. Use automatic check-in for accurate incident reporting gives your group on-site check-in, check-out, resource auditing. 

Your custom geofences can be seen from the stratus-io app on an Android or iOS devices. Push notification is immediately sent when the geofence is entered to alert the user of their check-in. Once inside the fence, the app will monitor to see when the person leaves for automatic checkout. See in the video as the GPS location is updated in real time while the individual is in motion. Check-ins are instantly uploaded to the cloud where reporting is customizable and available in real time. Even in remote areas where internet or cellular connection is limited, geolocation attendance check-ins can be cached and saved for later upload.

What’s your interest in recording attendance in other ways like RFID? Contact us to learn more about how stratus-io can eliminate pen and paper. Save your company thousands in accurate reporting and wasted time.

Note: stratus-io: Time and Attendance works for employee badge checkin using idChamp® & Scanfob® brand readers. This works in parallel with geolocation attendance to provide maximum flexibility and convenience.