Forklift Driving Enabled with Employee Badge – Track Vehicle Usage – Confirm Safety

A manufacturing company was having trouble accurately understanding who was operating forklifts on-site. Forklift operators had Bluetooth Beacons that were detected and authenticated by their on-board Android application to register usage and task completion.  Operators would leave the beacon on the forklift and enable anyone to drive without proper approval and management. For example they had one report indicating an operator drove for 56 hours straight. This made it impossible for the company to understand which employee was responsible for the forklift and how effective they were at completing tasks. Serialio provided this company with the Serial Device Manager (SDM) libraries used to integrate the idChamp® NF4x employee badge reader into their application. 

The idChamp® is a wireless employee badge reader that can connect to any Android, iOS, Windows 10, or MacOS device wirelessly. In this case, idChamp® NF4x badge readers are fixed on the forklift which is simultaneously providing power to the idChamp® NF4x and the Android tablet. Users scan their badge on the idChamp® NF4x and then, if they are an approved driver, are logged into the application, this enables the forklift to be driven, and marks task progress and completion. Once done, or after a certain amount of time, employees are logged out of the app so the next employee can badge in when needed.

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