No Tap Check-in Portal Onsite Construction

Why No Tap Check-in?

You need No Tap Check-in(TM) because your users are not using your current tap-to-checkin NFC-RFID readers with their badges.

Firstly, your organizations RFID badges readers are great, and employees use them to tap-in and tap-out, this is a major improvement. However, now you need users to be checked-in and checked-out simply by walking to and from the job site.

Automatic Onsite and Offsite Tracking Portal for Employees, Contractors, & Visitors

No Tap Check in Portal Onsite Construction Contractors Employees

Your attendance events instantly upload and provide you real-time reporting of resource use. Additionally, you have records required for safety certifications.

Furthermore, you have Straight forward deployment with well defined and controlled area for access to the site is available.

The Portal in the video is under a ceiling panel, persons simply walk the path covered by the portal, with a hard hat having the assigned UHF RFID tag properly installed. The system automatically checks them in as they come onsite, and checks them out as they go offsite.


No Tap Check-in Geofence

How you do worksites No Tap Check-in(TM) without UHF-RFID portal hardware?

With stratus-io Remote Check-in app on iOS and Android provides your contractors, and employees  check-in and out based on the Geofence you define. With this option you don’t need UHF RFID readers portal hardware.

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