How To Pick RFID-NFC Chip Type: iPhone11 SLIX2 vs NTAG213 Tiny NFC

How do you know what RFID-NFC chip model-type to use for your NFC project? There are hundreds of models, some more popular shown below. What read & write range is needed?What material will RFID-NFC tag be applied to, or inserted in?How much data needs to be stored?What read & write speed is required? Read range is often an important parameter in choosing type of RFID-NFC chip. Video below shows the read range of NTAG213 vs SLIX2 chips in tiny rigid PCB NFC tags (4.8mm square, 1.8mm thick).This type of tag is available in

Tru-Test S3 Scale Head iPhone/iPad iOS Keyboard Simulation & More

The rechargeable battery powered Bluetooth Tru-Test S3 Scale Head is supported on SerialMagic Keys iOS providing weight readings to be posted as simulated keystrokes on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Support is also available to license using Serial Device Manger (SDM) libraries for 3rd party applications. Also works on Android 

Eliminating Wires and Errors with the BlueSnap M6A

A food production facility on the east coast was on the hunt for a solution for their production line.When dealing with food products, they needed to be sure that weights were properly recorded and within reasonable limits in order to proceed. Once the software was in place, the next important step was getting the right hardware.  Manual entry is cumbersome and prone to human error. When a significant portion of the day is spent recording weights, a mistake being made doesn’t just eat up time–it costs money. With, of course,

Keeping People Safe with the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader for NFC/RFID and Employee Badges

Keeping People Safe with the idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader for NFC/RFID and Employee Badges Amidst this global epidemic, COVID-19, employees are beginning to return to their offices. Businesses are doing their best to implement safe social distancing and taking other precautionary measures to prevent the spread of infection. From maintaining appropriate physical distance to making sure work areas are staying clean, the first step to staying safe starts as soon as you step on site. The idChamp® NF4 Wireless Smart Card Reader is working on the front line to

BlueSnap M6A Wireless RS-232 Serial Adapter Post Data As Keystrokes

BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 serial adapter with optional HID firmware provides solutions to post ASCII data as keystrokes for solutions that must work without a software application like SerialMagic Professional, or alternate on-screen-keyboard like SerialMagic Keys. As anyone who has used a Bluetooth device that connects as a keyboard knows, the on-screen keyboard is automatically hidden by iOS while the device is connected. BlueSnap M6A provides a solution for this by briefly pressing the M6A dongle’s button the iOS on-screen keyboard is shown, press briefly again, and the iOS on-screen keyboard is hidden.

How To Use Standard NFC Sticker Tag On Metal Surface

How To Use Standard NFC Sticker Tag On Metal Surface Standard NFC tags fail to read when placed on a metal surface.Here is a typical round 8mm adhesive sticker tag that will read with any NFC reader when placed on stone, wood, glass, plastic, paper, and other non-metal surfaces.   Put the NFC tag on metal and it will fail to read.NFC tags can be purchased to read on metal, commonly called ‘anti-metal’ tags.To discuss your on-metal NFC-RFID tag solution needs contact a solution specialist. This post shows how to use

RS-232 Scale Wireless Connect MacOS/OSX Post Weight As Keystrokes

Connect RS-232 scale with DB9 plug to MacOS (formerly OS X) and post weight readings as keystrokes to any application without special software. BlueSnap M6A serial dongle wireless connection eliminates cable between scale and Mac. Transmit data up to 30 feet (10 meters) between scale and Mac. No special software is needed since the scale connects like a wireless keyboard post to any MacOS application. Post weight readings to browser, webpage, spreadsheet, database, remote connection, any app you need. Also works with NFC-RFID & barcode readers that post ASCII data.

Mobile Wireless Apple Student ID Reader iPad, iPhone, Android, Win10

idChamp® RS4 reader will post Apple student ID, HID Global Mobile Access ID, and physical RFID badges via wireless connection to any app on iPad, iPhone, Android, Win10. Manage all types of student IDs with one conveniently sized mobile reader. Use RS4 ID reader with stratus-io Mobile Time & Attendance and other attendance solutions.

Stratus-io: Onsite & Roaming Check-in Solution iPad, iPhone, Android

Stratus-io Time & Attendance is an easy to use solution for checking in with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Stratus-io Time & Attendance is made for use in both a kiosk and mobile setting. Coupled with idChamp® and Scanfob® brand scanning devices, your organization can use existing employee badges for check-in and create new credentials that can be scanned as well. Reporting is customizable and automatically delivered. Save on personnel & money, eliminate check-in waiting times, deploy in minutes. Stratus-io Time & Attendance can be used for time clocking, on

idChamp® NF4 Wireless RFID-NFC Badge Reader & Chromebook

Connect idChamp® NF4 Wireless RFID-NFC Badge Reader to Chromebook. Post badge reads as keystrokes to any application on Chromebook. NF4 reads HID PROX, ioProx, Micro Prox, iClass SEOS, Elite, Indala, ISO14443A, MIFARE, DESFire, Ultralight, Topaz ISO14443B, ISO15693, ICODE SLI, SLIX, Tag-it, AWID, CASI-RUSCO, EM4100, iClass/Elite/Indala etc.) All Standard Card Types, Nexwatch Wireless RFID-NFC badge reader for Chromebook

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