Contract Maintenance Attendance | Job Site Check-in

Contract Maintenance Attendance Without Access Control System

As your contract maintenance staff checks in at the job site, their attendance is recorded by the job site owner’s access control system (ACS). Unfortunately you have no access to the job site owner’s ACS. Get your solution with Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Remote Check-in option for Time & Attendance.

Maintenance Staff Check-in With Their Phone

First, all your contract maintenance staff have phones. Second, they use their phone to check-in at the job site when they arrive, and check-out when the leave. Third, you decide if users manually check-in and check-out, or you setup geofence for automatic check-in/out. Finally you setup the job site schedules with the “Record GPS” option. Here you see the manual check-in & check-out option.

First as a contract maintenance staff member, you arrive at the job site. Next you open the Remote Check-in App and select the event associated with the job site. In this example you pick the windmill site.


Contract Maintenance Attendance Pick Event On Site Windmill


Now you tap the “On Site Windmill #47” Event to select it (above). Next you tap “Check-In” and are checked into the job site, and the location of their check-in is stored.


Contract Maintenance Attendance On Site Windmill 47 check-in done

Reporting Shows Contract Maintenance Check-in Check-out Locations

As a manager, you easily do reporting for your contract maintenance attendance management. First, open the Event Reporting view, then enter the Event name for the job site in the report filter. Next, see only people who have the checked-in and checked-out at that location. Finally, see “Clock in location” and “Clock out location” columns. 

Job Site Windmill Contract Maintenance Attendance Report
Here you see the locations for check-in and check-out, by simply clicking the icon in the column “Clock in location” or “Clock out location”. Below you see the check-in and the check-out are at different locations. In this example you see check-out was done on the road some distance from the check-in at the job site. Your contract maintenance staff and management both appreciate the flexibility of this solution.

GPS Location map Windmill job site Check in

GPS Location map Windmill job site Check some distance from check in
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Multiple Geofences/Sites Active For Contract Attendance

Setup multiple geofences/sites simultaneously, attendance is done automatically as person enters and leaves each site. In the screen below, the Stratus-io Remote Check-in Android App shows tracking attendance at three sites simultaneously.


auto check in tracking multiple geofences android stratus io remote checkin


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