Geofence Check-in Android Auto Onsite Headcount

Geofence Check-in Android | Onsite Check-in Via Geofence

First, you need an on-site check-in solution to know who’s onsite during an emergency. Second, you don’t want to use employee or student RFID or barcode badges to check-in and check-out. Third, people are willing to put app on their phone that will check-in & check-out when they come and go. Finally, your proven solution is Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Remote Check-in with Stratus-io Time & Attendance. Now you have geofence check-in Android, also know iPhones are also supported. Here is an example of Contract Maintenance Attendance without an Access Control System (ACS).

Install Stratus-io Remote Check-in Android App

First you install Stratus-io Remote Check-in Android. Next  start the app and enable permissions to watch the geofence to know when the phone is onsite. Third, you have a Stratus-io Time & Attendance event with geofence, on account. Finally login to Stratus-io Remote Check-in app with your email address and company ID.

auto stie check-in geofence stratus-io login view

Next multi-factor authentication PIN sent via email to confirm login.

geofence auto-check phone GPS check-in MFA PIN

Then your login will be complete. Note your login is securely cached, when you quit and start the app you will still be logged in. To logout, you select the logout option. Next, continue Geofence Check-in Android setup.

Automatic Check-in | Select Event With Geofence

Now that your logged in to the automatic geofence check-in Android solution, you pick the Site you will work at. First the Event is defined on account, your admin gives you these details.

auto geofence check in geofence Android

Second you pick the Event and enable geofence on it – you simultaneously track multiple geofences as needed. Finally, Android will prompt you for many permissions when you enable the first geofence Event. Tap Events icon to view the Events, when Event is not visible swipe down from top of Events view to refresh. Next, Events with geofences require permissions enabled before the can be used.

auto check in android auto site checkin stratus io enable geofence tracking

 First tap “Don’t show again” then tap Enable. Next you’ll see the Remote Check-in app knows it has geofence events, but they must be enabled.

Remote checkin android geofence disabled

Enable Geofence Background App Optimization

First Tap Events icon to view the Events, then click Event with geofence to enable. Next tap the down arrow next to the Event name to expand the Event.

Android site auto-check in geofence event view

The expanded Event shows you “Geofence is Inactive”, tap enable control.

geofence enable for auto site checkin Android status-io Remote Check-in

First Android will prompt to turn off battery optimization for background mode for Stratus Checkin, tap Turn Off.

auto check in android track location in background turn off

Second, the app list displays, tap “Apps not optimized” then select “All”.

Optimize battery usage app list

Third, tap search icon and enter “stratus”, then disable the optimization for stratus checkin as shown.

geofence tracking background optimize battery usage stratus remote checkin disabled

Finally, finish geofence check-in Android setup, tap to go back to the Remote Check-in App.

Automatic Check-in | Enable App Permissions

First app will ask permission for geofence tracking for Remote Check-in, tap Enable.

Android auto check in grant geofence tracking permission

Second, Android will ask permission to access devices location, tap “While using the app”.

auto check in android auto site checkin enable access devices location

Third, app will ask to allow notifications, tap Enable.

geofence check in android stratus io enable notifications

Forth, Android will ask permission to send you notifications, tap Allow.

geofence check in android stratus io enable notifications Allow

Fifth, app will ask for Physical Activity permission, tap Enable.

geofence check in android stratus io enable physical activity permission

Sixth, Android will ask for Physical Activity permission, tap Allow.

geofence check in android stratus io enable physical activity permission allow

Finally geofence tracking is fully enabled, and you enable other geofences on other events by simply tapping enable. Note: when app is removed, the permissions all must be granted again.

geofence auto check in enabled android stratus io

Monitor Automatic Check-in via Geofence Onsite

As geofence check-in Android tracking is enabled, you monitor the status in the Android Notifications View. For example here you see tracking multiple geofences, and check-in and check-out events.

auto check in tracking multiple geofences android stratus io remote checkin


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