WiFi Connect Without Password | Just Scan NFC Tag

WiFi Connect Without Password | Scan NFC Tag With iPhone

You can WiFi connect without a password. First you setup NFConnect compliant tag or inlay from Second, setup your NFConnect NFC tag or inlay with the NFC Read Write app. Third, people with NFConnect WiFi app on their iPhone, just scan your NFConnect tag to connect to your WiFi network. No need to give them your WiFi password.

NFConnect WiFi Tags or Inlays

First you use any NDEF tag supported by iOS to write your WiFi SSID and password. NFC Read Write app writes NFConnect WiFi records to NFC tags with iPhone built-in NFC. However, written without NFConnect encryption, the password can be seen by other NFC apps, so it’s better to use encryption. Second, use NFConnect WiFi tag/inlay from then NFC Read Write will write encrypted password for free. Third, use any NDEF tag (with sufficient memory) and In-App-Purchase option to write the NFConnect records.

NFC Read Write app | Write NFConnect WiFi Records

Free NFC Read Write app is a very useful app allowing you to read and write NDEF and raw NFC data records. When used with NFConnect WiFi tags/inlays it also writes encrypted NFConnect tags. An In-App-Purchase option to write encrypted NFConnect records allows the app to use any NDEF tag/inlay with enough memory. Write un-encrypted NFConnect records free. 

WiFi Connect Without Password

NFConnect WiFi | Connect WiFi No Password | iOS Built-In NFC

NFConnect WiFi app uses built-in iOS NFC, reads the NFConnect tag/inlay, joins the WiFi network. You never share your WiFi password, and friends, visitors, business associates connect to your WiFi network.

WiFi Connect Without Password | Scan NFC Tag With iPhone

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Simply Reading Genuine NFConnect WiFi Tag To Connect WiFi

Once NFConnect WiFi app is installed, connect WiFi by simply reading a genuine NFConnect WiFi tag. You don’t start NFConnect WiFi app, you just read the NFC tag.

connect wifi with NFC tag read NFConnect WiFi


NFC Tag Gets NFConnect WiFi App From Appstore

Now you may say, “Users have to get the NFConnect WiFi app from Appstore”. Easy, you put an app tag near the NFConnect WiFi tag, iPhone user puts their phone near, and gets the app in seconds.

App Store NFC Tag get NFConnect WiFi