WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More

WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More

First you have a scale or other device with an RS232 port, or built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Second, you need to connect the scale to WiFi. Third, you have one or more clients to get data from the device, simultaneously if needed. Finally you use SDM TCIP-IP Device Server to WiFi Connect Scales Scanners Sensors & More. You don’t see your device? Contact to get support.

TCP-IP Connect Your Devices From Anywhere With SDM Server

First install Serialio Sdm Server app on your Android device that provides the server connectivity.

Connect RS232 & Bluetooth devices via TCP-IP

Second allow background activity for Serial Device Manager Server app, needed for app to run properly in the background. SDM WiFi Device Server allow background activity

Third allow location services, because Android requires this permission to connect to some wireless devices.

RS232 WiFi Connected DEvices need location permission

Connect SioSdm Server BlueSnap M6A Wireless RS232 Dongle

Here we show the WiFi scale connection, with the BlueSnap DB9-M6A wireless dongle connected to scale RS232 port. First connect the M6A RS-232 dongle wirelessly to the SioSDM Server app using the Serial Device Manager as shown here. 

RS-232 WiFi Dongle Solution with sioSDM Server WiFi Connect Scales

Tap the SDM icon shown above and see the available BlueSnap wireless M6A RS232 dongle then tap on it.

 Discover BlueSnap M6A RS232 dongle

Next, on the first wireless connection with the SioSDM Server app, you will enable the Overlay permission as shwon.

SDM WiFi Server Overlay Permission

SDM WiFi Server Overlay Permission enabled

WiFi Connect Scale - Select SioSDM Server App Template

First the SioSdm Server main view you see the available device connected to the BlueSnap M6A. Second you need to select a template for the device so the server knows how to handle it. Tap on the device entry that shows “Select template name”.

WiFi Connect Scales WiFi RS232 device Server Select Template

Third, from the list of device types tap on the type of device that’s connected. Here we have a Ohaus Ranger 3000 scale connected to a BlueSnap M6A wireless RS-232 dongle.

WiFi connect Ohaus Ranger 300

Finally the Ranger 3000 scale is available for a TCP-IP connection from any client supporting the SDM Server.

Ohaus Ranger 3000 RS232 enabled WiFi TCP-IP Connection

Client App WiFi Connect Scales With SioSdm Server

Now we connect the client app to the SioSdm Server and get scale data readings via TCP-IP. First install the client test app, you make your own client app using the sample sources provided.

WiFi TCP-IP Connection to RS232 serial port client app install WiFi Connect Scales

Second enter the TCP-IP address and port number for the SioSdm Server app, then tap Connect To Server.

Enter TCP IP Address for remote RS232 or Bluetooth device

Now the client app is TCP-IP connected to the SioSdm Server app and can get data from devices connected to the server.

Remote Serial Devices Server client connected

Read Ohaus Ranger 3000 Scale Via WiFi TCP-IP

First SdmTcpIpClient is connected to SioSdmServer, tap Select Server Device to pick the device to interact with. Here tap Ranger 3000 device.

Select Remote Serial Devices from Proxy SioSdmServer

Next, SdmTcpipClient connects to the device via SioSdmServer and gets the trigger command when defined. Here the command to get weight is WT. 

TCP-IP Internet Connection Ohaus Scale Get Weight Command

Finally, tap SEND to gets weight from Ohaus Ranger 3000 via TCP-IP.

get weight via TCP-IP from Ohaus scale

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