Scanfob 2006

The Scanfob® 2006 is our best selling and highest-rated 1D barcode scanner. It supports multiple Bluetooth modes (Bluetooth SPP, Bluetooth HID, and Bluetooth Low Energy), USB modes (cabled mode and batch mode), and is highly configurable via control codes. To learn more, visit the Scanfob 2006 product page.

RS3 NFC Setup

The RS3 NFC Setup app is Serialio’s free tool for configuring the idChamp RS3 from iOS or Android via a BLE connection. Download RS3 NFC Setup from the Google Play Store or the App Store. 


The pcProx Configuration utility is RFIDeas Windows-based tool for communicating with and configuring RFIDeas engines, such as those used in the idChamp RS3. You can download pcProx from the official RFIDeas download page (or to download the pcProx manual, click here).

NFC Gears

NFC Gears is a companion app for Android that runs as a service to make information from the built-in NFC reader available to other apps. You can download NFC Gears from the Google Play Store.

Mobile Grid

Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid is a highly customizable Mobile Grid application for Android and iOS that is tailored for each of our customer’s custom workforce solutions with Mobile Grid Action Profiles. To learn more about Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid, visit

Mobile Attendance

Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance is a Cloud-In-Hand application for Android that is designed for attendance-taking and check-in solutions. To learn more about Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Attendance, visit


Bluetooth MFi is Apple’s licensing program for hardware and software specific to their iDevices. MFi, or Made for iOS (iPod/iPhone/iPad), in hardware like the Scanfob® 3002i denotes a special Bluetooth connection mode called IAP. IAP is similar to SPP on Android — which allows a peripheral device to connect as a virtual COM port. This capability allows software developers to interface peripherals directly with their apps. Simulating a virtual COM port means that scans are sent faster and more reliably. Simulated COM ports have the additional benefit of being able to send special characters or information that you would


LLRP or Low-Level Reader Protocol is a protocol for communication between software and a reader. To learn more about LLRP, the official GS1 documentation.

KeyBatch BR2

The KeyBatch BR2 is a batch mode and USB real-time laser barcode scanner. Looking for something else? Quick Start Guides User Guides Control Codes


The KDC100 is a 1D laser USB barcode scanner manufactured by Koamtac.