What are anti-metal RFID tags?

Anti-metal tags are specialized RFID tags that can be read from conductive surfaces, such as metal (something that regular tags can’t do). Learn more about anti-metal (aka on-metal) tags,  and contact serialio to speak with an RFID specialist.

What is NFC?

NFC is an acronym for Near Field Communication. NFC is a fairly recent ‘labeling’ for a subset of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for short-range, wireless protocols. It’s most commonly used for close-range applications (hence the “near field”). NFC has some features that distinguish it from other forms of RFID, such as the capacity for bidirectional peer-to-peer communication.  To …

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What is RFID?

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) is a term used to refer to technology that uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify people, livestock, assets, and more. To learn more about RFID, see our article on the topic here.

What do the Scanfob BB2 LEDs patterns mean?

The LED patterns of the Scanfob Ultra-BB2 and Scanfob NFC-BB2 are used to indicate current actions and statuses to the user. To learn about what the individual LED indicator patterns, contact

How can I reset my scanner?

Scanfob Brand barcode scanners (Scanfob 2002/2005/2006/3002i/4000)— Hold down BOTH the large and small buttons on the Scanfob simultaneously for 30 seconds. You will see a red LED and hear a single-tone beep upon completion. Scanfob BB2 scanners (Scanfob Ultra-BB2/NFC-BB2) — Hold down the power button for six seconds. If your device is still unresponsive, let the battery …

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Which scanner should I choose? A Barcode Scanner Buyer’s Guide

Why Consider Purchasing a Barcode Scanner? Barcodes and barcode scanners have long been used for decades for quick, easy and error-free data collection. Now, with modern wireless Bluetooth scanners, and their compatibility mobile devices like Android and iOS, barcode scanning is easier than ever. What Should You Consider When Selecting A Barcode Scanner? ♦ What is your …

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What’s the difference between 1D and 2D scanners?

Barcodes (sometimes called barcode symbologies) are visual representations of data encoded in a machine-readable format that is recognized by the International Organization for Standards (ISO) and GS1. Barcode symbologies — generally speaking — come in two forms: 1D (one-dimensional) and 2D (two-dimensional). 1D barcodes were the first type of barcode to be standardized and consist …

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