ScanChamp® ScanReader Flow App

ScanChamp® ScanReader Flow App was a Java app built by Serialio, LLC in 2008. The app integrated Barcode scanners, RFID readers and databases.

Save RS3x Settings

You want to save the idChamp RS3x RFID reader NFC profile configuration settings to load on another RS3x. First load the RS3 NFC Setup App to your Android device. You can get this app on Google Play. Open the RS3 NFC Setup app and use menu, then Select Device, and select the RS3 to connect …

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ID Shown On RFID Badge

How To Post Number Shown (Printed) On RFID Badge What do you do when you want to use an existing RFID-NFC badge for a new solution?This post shows you how the ID shown (printed) on an RFID badge can be posted. Having your idChamp® brand NF4 RFID-NFC reader post the correct value is easy using …

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Multi Location Mining Site Personnel Management using RFID Badges 300

idChamp RFID Readers Facilitate Mining Site Compliance

How does the 2nd largest major mining company in North America manage their on-site personnel?idhamp RFID readers facilitate mining site compliance at this major mining company. Why Tracking On-Site Personnel Is Important Knowing your employees locations is important for their safety. Additionally your contractors, visitors and guests also appreciate your concern for their safety. Finally …

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How To Setup idChamp® NF2 Switches

The idChamp® NF2 RFID-NFC Reader/Writer can connect to the host via USB, or via Wireless (BLE). This page shows the DIP switch setting options. NF2 Wireless (BLE) Mode DIP Switch Settings

Geolocation Geofence GPS attendance checkin checkout stratus io post 211026 300w

Geolocation Attendance Automatic Checkin/Checkout

Geolocation attendance provides automatic check-in and checkout personnel at any location using stratus-io: Remote Check-In. With stratus-io, your organization can create geofences (geolocations) in any number of places. Personnel are automatically checked in and out as they enter the defined geographic location. Use automatic check-in for accurate incident reporting gives your group on-site check-in, check-out, …

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molisana logo cloud in hand mobile order

Mobile Order iPad Streamlines Wholesale Distribution for Imports

For over 40 years we at Molisana Imports have been successful delivering streamlined wholesale distribution of Italian brand imports to our customers in Canada. Our Molisana team achieves this using an array of expertise along with owned and partner warehouses and logistical capabilities. In addition, we efficiently manage the demands of suppliers, retailers and most …

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