How can I reset my scanner?

If your Serialio Scanfob Brand Barcode Scanner is having problems sending data, connecting or is behaving in an unexpected manner, try resetting it by following the instructions here. If you continue to have issues after resetting your Scanfob, contact Serialio’s support team.

How do I pair with my scanner?

BLE mode app connects directly to Bluetooth device the only OS that needs to PAIR the BLE device before app connects is Windows (depending on what app is used) SPP & HID mode pairing is done in the OS Bluetooth settings app MFi mode pairing is done in iOS Bluetooth settings app Android iOS Bluetooth …

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What are control codes?

Control codes are special barcodes used to configure settings and parameters on barcode scanners. Control codes vary by scanner vendor, model, and firmware (so a control code that works on the Scanfob 2006 will not work for the KDC20). To download control codes for your scanner, visit control codes page.

What are the different scanner transfer methods?

Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile) is intended to replace RS-232 cables (or other serial communication interfaces). SPP is excellent for sending and receiving bursts of data/information between two devices. Bluetooth Low Energy — also known as Bluetooth Smart — is a major release of the Bluetooth standard designed to optimize energy consumption and speed to …

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Which scanners are MFi compatible?

The table below provides a list of MFi (Made for iOS) certified scanners sold by Barcode Scanners RFID Readers Sleds & All-In-One Units Scanfob 3002i Scanfob NFC-BB2i Honeywell Captuvo Sled Scanfob 4000i Scanfob Ultra-BB2i KDC 4000i Sled Scanfob 2002i Scanfob qID Mini iAP   KDC 20i idChamp 1128   KDC 200i     KDC 300i     KDC 350i   …

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What are the warranty periods for Serialio products?

Product Category Product(s) Standard Warranty Barcode Scanners Scanfob 2006, 3002i, 4000, and KeyBatch BR2 Up to 2 years Other barcode scanners 1 year RFID Scanners Scanfob Ultra-BB2, Scanfob NFC-BB2, Scanfob qID Mini, idChamp NF4/RS4/RS3/DX1/NF2 1 year Other RFID readers Adapters BlueSnap adapters 1 year Battery Replacements All, unless otherwise specified  90-days Terms and Conditions of Sale

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What is your support policy?

Requesting Support Serialio Customer Support Engineers (CSEs) are available between 9:00am – 5:00pm Central Time Monday-Friday. Customers can submit a support request for products under warranty via these two methods: Fill out the “Submit a request” form. Send an email to Either method will generate a numbered ticket in our Support database.Requests submitted in …

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