SerialMagic Keys In Microsoft Store

SerialMagic Keys In Microsoft Store

SerialMagic Keys Professional is available in the Microsoft store.SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows UWP Post Scans As Keystrokes

SerialMagic has been enabling data to be posted to all applications since the year 2000. This power is now conveniently available via the Microsoft store.

Post NFC-RFID To All Windows Apps

Put the cursor where you want data posted, and the data is posted. Use existing applications, like magic to get your data to all apps from RFID GEN2 UHF, NFC & barcode readers, meters, sensors, scales, and more.

Use with idChamp® brand RFID & NFC readers like NF4.
Use with Scanfob® brand RFID & NFC readers like Ultra-BB2 and NFC-BB2.
Use with Scanfob® brand PX20 2D barcode scanner, and 2006 laser barcode scanner.
Use with BlueSnap M6A RS-232 DB9 to wireless dongle.

SerialMagic Keys has In-App-Purchase option for use with many devices not listed.