How does SerialMagic licensing work?

When you purchase a SerialMagic license key, you will receive a license token. The license token is used with your device’s (iOS/Android/Mac/Windows) hardware ID to generate a license key specific to your device. This license key is valid for one device (computer or mobile device); if you have multiple devices that you want to use …

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What is iScanBrowser?

If you’ve ever tried to scan data into a search query field, such as Google, you may have noticed that you have to tap on the “Enter” or “Search” button each time. iScanBrowser lets you circumvent this by simulating what is called a “Call Submit” with what we call a WebForm Rule (WFR); allowing you …

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What are Web Form Rules?

Web Form Rules are divided into two categories; Active Page Rules and New Page Rules. Active Page Rules are used to send data from the scanner to the currently loaded web page. New Page Rules will load a new URL and set the value of the target input to the new page. When new data …

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What is my device ID and how do I find it?

Your device ID is an alphanumeric code generated by our software that is unique to your computer or mobile device; it is how we keep track of registration keys and licensing. The knowledge base articles below demonstrate how to find your device ID. SerialMagic Professional for Windows SerialMagic Gears for Android SerialMagic Scripts MacOS : SerialMagic Scripts MacOS …

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What is the SDM (Serial Device Manager)?

Serial Device Manager (SDM) (sometimes referred to as “device manager”). The Serial Device Manager is a Software Developer Library providing applications for Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS providing 3rd party apps to connect to and manage multiple wireless, Bluetooth, and cabled devices. Most of the time, when you see “SDM” in the documentation. The user interface for …

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What is BlueSnap?

BlueSnap dongles are used to Bluetooth enable RS-232 devices. BlueSnap dongles are available in 9-pin male or female connections. These units are also available in battery powered (two AAA batteries – rechargeable or alkaline) or externally powered modules. BlueSnap units are compatible with Serial Port Profile (SPP), Human Interface Device (HID), and Bluetooth Low Energy …

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What is WiSnap?

WiSnap dongles are used to Wi-Fi enable RS-232 devices. The WiSnap is a Wi-Fi certified 802.11 b/g solution incorporating a 2.4GHz radio, processor, Full TCP/IP stack, real-time clock, FTP, DHCP, DNS and web server. WiSnap is available in models using AAA battery power or external power.

What’s the difference between active and passive RFID tags?

RFID tags are composed of several components—a micro-chip, a substrate (e.g., Mylar or plastic coating), and an antenna, which is attached to the micro-chip. The primary difference between active and passive RFID tags is that active tags incorporate a built-in power supply, while passive tags use the power from the electromagnetic wave from the RFID reader …

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