Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows

Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows - Wireless Scanners, Scales...

Connect SerialMagic Keys Windows to wireless RFID readers, barcode scanners, scales, calipers, sensors, whatever! This post connects a BlueSnap M6A wireless RS232 DB9 dongle using SerialMagic Keys Professional (SMKP) Windows. Get SMKP from Microsoft Store.

Connect Wireless Devices - No Pairng In Windows BT Devices

Did you know you can connect a wireless device to SMKP without pairing step in Windows BT Devices app?

Connect Bluetooth device to Windows without pairing in Windows Bluetooth app

SerialMagic Keys Professional (SMKP) Windows app connects to wireless devices on Windows, you do not pair in Windows BT Devices first. Finally do on Windows what you’ve done for years on Android and iOS. Additionally, connecting wireless devices using SMKP is more reliable than trying to pair in the Windows app.

SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows - Easy Reliable Wireless Connectivity

First, Install SerialMagic Keys Professional (SMKP) from the Microsoft Store. Contact for sideload options if Microsoft Store is disabled at your site. Next, when SMKP launches verify the driver is installed as shown below, if not, there is a link to install the driver.  The driver is built-in to Windows 11 build 22621.2134 and later. 

Post Data View SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows

Now use Select Device and pick the device you will connect SMKP to.

Connect wireless idChamp RFID-NFC Windows SerialMagic Keys Professional


Finally use the Connect button to connect the device to SerialMagic Keys Professional Windows. Note when making the first connection to a new device, SMKP will automatically pair the unit with Windows, then select connect again, and the app connects. See the video below.

Connect wireless RFID-NFC Reader Windows SerialMagic Keys post data as keystrokes

Once connected put the cursor where you want your data posted as keystrokes. Post RFID-NFC scans, barcodes, scale wights, caliper measurements, sensor readings, whatever. SerialMagic is also available on iOS, Android, and MacOS, no other solution provides the power and flexibility of SerialMagic Keys.