Emergency Headcount By Department

Emergency Headcount By Department

Do emergency headcount by department with cloud-in-hand stratus-io time & attendance. Your emergency environment is hectic. As you save time checking people in, you insure people who need help get it fast. First, you may have check-in points where people are checked in via RFID badges*, this is fast and effective. Next your company managers verify the people they are responsible have been checked-in. Finally, managers filter the roster view and quickly see only their people, they also have the option to manually check-in people.

*See the idChamp NF4x RFID-NFC smart card reader for example, that reads every type of employee badge.

Assign Department For People In Roster

 Assign every person’s department in the roster to use emergency headcount by department. First, login to Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Time & Attendance admin account. next, enable ‘Department’ database field, (if not already enabled) finally enter the person’s department.

Emergency Mustering View By Department

Set Stratus-io App For Emergency Headcount Filter By Department

Second, sync the current roster database to the Cloud-In-Hand Stratus-io Time & Attendance mobile app. Third, select ‘Department’ in the app Settings > CHECK ATTENDANCE > Filter attendees by column.

stratus io Emergency Headcount by department Filter attendees by column dialog

Next, tap the ‘Show Attendee List’ icon in the lower-left of the Stratus-io Time & Attendance app.

stratus io tool bar icon show attendee list

On the Attendee List view, first tap the Filter tool

stratus io Emergency Headcount by department Attendee List filter tool

Next, select the Department you want to filter on, so you will see only the people in that department.

stratus io Emergency Mustering Select Department to filter engineering

See Only People In The Department Of Interest

You filter emergency headcount (mustering) roster by Department (or other database field you want) and you see only people of interest. When your emergency has hundreds, even thousands of people, you see only those you need to account for.

stratus io Emergency Headcount Filtered by Department Engineering

Your department filter, also applies to the standard filters “All attendees” , “Checked-in” and “Not Checked-in”. Your rally-point/muster captains responsible for people in their departments, easily identify and mark their people safe.

Most Powerful And Flexible Emergency Headcount Solution

Contact today for the most powerful and flexible emergency headcount solution available. Do emergency headcount by department, and many other ways to best meet your organization’s needs.