Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO

Use Your Azure SSO Account For Cloud-In-Hand Login

Use stratus-io Time and Attendance, and other Cloud-In-Hand® brand solutions, with SSO (Single Sign On). Here you will setup for Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO. Users login to different apps and resources using a single set of credentials with SSO. This is easier for you the user, and more secure for your business.

Setup Your Azure AD For Cloud-In-Hand Solution Account Login

First you setup your Cloud-In-Hand (CIH) account with Azure AD. Then you will use Azure SSO to login to CIH.

Login to your Microsoft Azure AD account.

Cloud-In-Hand Login Azure Account

On Azure services view select More Services

CIH Login Azure Services More Services

Select Azure Active Directory

Azure Single-sign-on select Active Directory cloud-in-hand login

Create Cloud-In-Hand As Azure Enterprise Application

On Azure Active Directory view, first select Enterprise applications

Single-sign-on SSO setup Azure AD select Enterprise applications

Next, select New application

SSO Single-sign-on Azure AD setup Enterprise applications New application

Then, select Create your own application

Single-sign-on SSO CIH login Azure AD setup Browse Azure AD Gallery Create your own application

Now, Fill out the dialog as shown, and select Create 

Azure AD Single-sign-on for SSO login
Confirm the message “Application added successfully” SSO Login Azure AD application added successfully

Create and Assign Azure Groups and Users

On | Overview, select Assign users and groups

Azure AD Single-sign-on for SSO login assign users and groups

From Users and groups view, select Add user/group

Azure AD Single-sign-on for SSO login active directory add user

As the Azure AD admin you know the details to add groups and users, so the step-by-step won’t be covered for adding users here.

After you have added users and groups, you will assign the CIH credentials for each account as needed.

Cloud-In-Hand SSO support Azure Enterprise Application user update credentials

Finally, you set Enterprise Application Single sign-on (SSO) method. Your CIH account manager provides details as part of your account setup information.

Cloud-In-Hand Login On Azure SSO In Action

After you setup users/groups users open Microsoft Apps and see Cloud-in-hand (CIH) icon on the dashboard. Users select the CIH icon, and logs them into their CIH account.

See below how it works with an example of the Azure AD SSO used for Solutions account login.

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