Parent-Child Check-Out Safety

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety For After School Activities

The safety of children when leaving school and after school activities is crucial. Parent-Child Check-Out Safety records the parent or trusted guardian the child is released to. Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance provides reporting for all the minor children and who checks them out from the facility. You improve safety of your activities and have records for compliance needs.

Outside School and After School Activities Check-In​

You check-in children fast to your after school and outside school activities using RFID-NFC badges, and or barcodes. Children quickly present their badges to the idChamp® brand RFID-NFC reader, or Scanfob® brand barcode reader. Supervisors easily check-in children who forget their badge, with manual check-in.

Parent Child Check out check-in picture dialog

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety Requires Supervision

First, children check-in directly without supervisor interaction. Secondly, as children check-out the activity supervisor must approve the check-out. Thirdly, supervisor sees the check-out dialog with the option “Parent+”. During setup you set this label name to whatever you like. Finally, the supervisor taps “Parent+” and is presented with a list of approved parents or guardians the child is allowed to leave with. 

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety For After School Activities

Then, after the responsible adult the child minor will leave with is selected (1), tap “Upload” (2) and the child is checked out and the responsible guardian selected is recorded. You benefit quickly from this parent-child check-out solution, leave your paper headaches behind.  

Parent-Child Check-Out Safety For After School Activities record minor-child check-out to responsible Parent

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