Emergency Headcount SMS/TEXT

Emergency Headcount SMS/TEXT Speeds Mustering

emergency headcount fire chemical leak spill tornado earthquake flood active shooter Use SMS emergency headcount via SMS/TEXT to speed emergency mustering. First, people use the standard TEXT feature on their phone, no app to load on peoples phones for this SMS check-in. Second, you increase efficiency and speed your emergency headcount events and drills. Next, you are freed from fixed Rally-Points, people check-in safe from anywhere. Finally, you are fully prepared to keep your people safe from fire, tornado, earthquake, chemical leak, flood, active shooter, and more. Additionally, people see details for the emergency event in the TEXT message, and can reply with a single key to they are report safe – or not.

Emergency Event Is Triggering And Notification

First, you initiate the emergency event manually, using the Add Emergency Mustering Event button using a browser. Alternately, you initiate the emergency event manually using the Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance app. Finally, the emergency event is triggered automatically associated with an optional connection to a fire alarm or other device.

Start Emergency Event or Drill

As the emergency event initiates, emergency details are sent based on account settings. First, all Remote Check-In Apps logged in get notified. Emergency Event Notification Remote Check in App iOS

Additionally, SMS/TEXT messages are set to all authorized and validate mobile numbers.

Emergency headcount SMS/TEXT Are You Safe or not

Emergency Rally Points - Multiple Checkin Options

Your rally-point mustering headcounts are faster and more flexible with the emergency headcount SMS/TEXT option. However, you know that TEXT message mustering alone is not a workable solution. Not all people have phones available to receive SMS messages during an emergency. Yet, you see there is no problem when using Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance Emergency Mustering. First, you check-in people at muster points with RFID-NFC badges using a scanner like the idChamp® NF4x smart card badge reader. Second, people check-in with their phone or watch that have using soft credentials stored on them. Third, check-in is done using the Stratus-io Remote Check-in app. Finally, rally point check-ins are done manually for people who don’t have their badge or devices. 

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Clear Reporting Shows How And When Everyone Checked-In

As your emergency headcount proceeds, you see how and when people are checking in. When you have multiple mustering/rally points, all devices see a summary of all the people checked in. First, you see those who checked-in by scanning their employee badge. Secondly, those who manually checked-in via the Remote Check-in app. Third, you see those who checked-in via emergency headcount SMS/TEXT. Finally you see those who were manually checked-in.

Emergency Event Headcount Check In SMS TEXT App Scan Badge Manual Cloud In Hand

Speed Up Emergency Headcounts With SMS

Speed up your mustering today with emergency headcount SMS/TEXT. Contact now to get started.