Attendance In-Person & MS Teams

Attendance In-Person & MS Teams In One Report

Attendance In Person & MS Teams One Report For All Attendees

Get the results of attendance in-person & MS Teams at your meetings in one easy report.

You easily get reports from MS Teams for all meeting attendees, but you also need in-person attendance records. Now you do both with Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance, and the MS Teams report import option. Have complete attendance at your meetings for everyone in-person by scanning their employee badge, and import the MS Teams attendance for those who are remote.

Tap Employee Badge For In-Person Attendance

Your idChamp® NF4x smart card badge reader – a member of the idChamp family – is unsurpassed for scanning employee RFID badges. No matter what type of your company’s employee badge there is an idChamp model to meet your needs. You have badges that are PROX, iClass Seos, ioProx, AWID, Nexwatch, Indala, CASI-RUSCO, HITAG, MIFARE, NTAG … idChamp reads them all and more.
There is also a model that reads soft credentials from the Apple Wallet, check-in with your Apple Watch. 

Combine In-Person And Virtual Meeting Attendance

Here is how you combine in-person and virtual meeting attendance with Cloud-In-Hand® Stratus-io Time and Attendance. First, create your event in the Stratus-io admin account and assign it to your meeting kiosk(s).

Attendance In Person and MS Teams Meeting Event

Secondly, in-person attendees will check-in by tapping their badge on the idChamp RFID badge reader, or manually if they forgot their badge.

In Person meeting check in scan employee NFC badge

Thirdly, after all in-person meeting attendees are checked in, then import the MS Teams report.

import Teams Attendance with in-person attendance

Now you have all your meeting’s in-person and MS Teams attendees in a single report. It’s that quick and easy. Have questions? Contact